Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Diverged, My Words

She loved 
when my words 
were halting her breath 
and teasing her breadth

She feared 
when my words 
were marring my past 
and all that might pass

She cringed 
when my words 
were brilliant to her 
but not written to her

Free and Quick 005

She asked for the way 
to my heart; I told her 
not to worry, it's easy 
enough to find 
but impossible 
to ever leave. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Waves of Art, of Grief

I've lost more than a few
of the nevers I folded
around her heaven. 
It's never my fault
but never a choice
and every bit of hurt
becomes glimpses that burn
and I fall asleep with wishes
against stars, I could 
damn near touch,
to leave this world dark
so I don't have to see
us beyond
this lack of grace. 

Free & Quick 004

She is every tense
last to present;
all of the senses
masked in tension
and I am hers,
late and senseless

A Breath of Fire, Awake but Tired

I remember when God existed
in vomited apologies
and mental prisons 
when I was buried dismal, barely visible 
and no one worried quite like you. 
I lied more times than I'd admit to 
and that's the dead fucking truth. I gave 
you countless red eyes 
and only shared a few 
but broken for us was the better of ways. You were the lake, eerie as ever, 
and I was a rock breaking your strides 
as you aimed for the shore. 

Inequities of the Selfish

we've monetized hate     
with righteous dollar bills
and still we offer      
dysfunction in the cause
to little weapons;
these are angels
born of promise
demons born of peace, 
holy proof     
of verisimilitude
in love, in faith

Hold Onto Your Light

where will you go       
when you no longer need me?        
   I'll be here, before your shadow
standing in the way                                 
     like a breath of fire      

Free and Quick 001

you've stained my lips
this night 
and there aren't enough ways
this night      
can fufill the promises 
we, as fools, desire       

Free and Quick 002

And there she stood 
waning in the April soot
lips absurdly idle
but the shore made sure 
she'd turn around

The SPD Chronicles V

It's here I lay in spite 
of whispers grinding 
down the back of my eyelids, 
hearing nothing- but my name;
nothing- all the same. 
And I am begging 
for cover under darkness 
from a light that proves 
I'm here again. 

The Pines that Lift the Pyre

It's a purgatorial mess
not knowing 
which of us deserves 
to be alone. Here
are more than high walls 
in the lowest breaths 
and here are less 
than maddened causes. 
Be restless long enough 
to stalk the lines 
that bring cancer 
to your tears. 

Just Another Neverwonder

I tried 
to write a ballad 
that would make you fall
in love again and 
all it was is overgrown. 
I tried 
to write a sonnet 
that would tear you down 
to tears but all it was 
dismantled my being. 

What Chases Us

You invited me over 
to show you 
what my love, 
my teeth, 
my hells 
were made of
and I didn't show up 
to disappoint but rather 
to make you fault 
your knees for weakness. 

Ruse on the Rocks

My tongue on your earlobe 
left no stain 
but broke the ice 
for my breath to break 
through your eardrum 
and stain your heart;
such a filthy deke 
on filthier ice. 

A Few More Sips

we ran 
as fast as we could 
but I was never willing 
to say I wasn't ready 
to hold onto you 
and I was selfish 
to love you 
with such little fire

The SPD Chronicles IV

When I fall 
to my back, my demons 
become agog phantoms 
wanting for me, 
their prison,
and so I sleep
facing the dirt;
kissing my hell. 

The Answers Serve Her Anguish

Where the wind laid calm 
and catholic as kids, 
evolved into a water spout 
that tossed our plans 
into a decade of dark waters. 
Once the air came clean, 
so we followed 
and still found less hope 
than magic. She only needed 
a hand and mine were 
filthy; I was no savior. 


We all have secrets; derelict shards 
of our shadow-selves. Salvaged 
only by the lust 
for an impending doom. 
Gifts we carry and do not own 
that would break the earth, if built upon, 
like a flash flood taking lives with it 
just because it can 
and my secrets take lives 
just to have a body count. 

The SPD Chronicles III

I hadn't died 
in six weeks; 
a personal best 
I wished only to drag 
out by the teeth
for the rest of my life. 

The Breath and the Bridle

I only ever fell apart 
in the heat 
of her cognac eyes. 
A ministry of Hennessy 
And physically 
wrenching wings. 

She only ever fell for me
in the heat 
of my whiskey lies. 
The misery of Jimmy Beam
And Howlin Wolf 

We only ever felt together
in the heat 
of our selfish cries. 
A wishful dream that sits between
our favorite 
unromantic scenes. 

A Touch Too Late, But Wait...

In waves there are pauses; 
sudden breaks 
to atone for the wild ways 
we stayed apart
and I had to be a martyr. 
I had to free the sand. 
I had to be a devil;
I couldn't be her man. 

The Girl We All Forget V

She held such filth 
behind her back 
to make up for her flaws 
until we both stopped 
being perfect 
and we were both good 

The Girl We All Forget IV

She never knew 
what to say 
so her body spoke 
fluent and her eyes spoke 
broken English 
and we were both silent hells.

The Girl We All Forget III

She wore red like a stop sign 
and halted me at sight, 
grim like the sunlight 
under storm clouds; a rarity 
to the brain and 
we were both rare to light. 

The Girl We All Forget II

She loves the metric men 
that get her off 
so she called me Johnnie Walker 
and would peel my label 
before drinking me dry 
and we were both dry. 

The Girl We All Forget I

She's afraid of a man 
without a mask 
so she told me I was 
her phobia like a staircase 
to death yet she would climb me 
as her daunting friend 
and we were both 
daunting then. 

Four to One, No Sugar

I've slanted the cause 
for keeping up 
and skewed every step 
the basics of breath. 
Still I rise and fall 
like lakes onto the heads 
of desperate groves.