Saturday, February 1, 2014

Precious Visions; Rare Dreams

It was impossible
As to have the world
End and begin simultaneously. 
No option to forget
The feeling of existing
And traveling forward
Further than I ever did before. 
No option to give me
A chance to run 
Among thieves stealing breath
Like it was all I ever needed 
to be happy. No option
To disappear with you
Within you and change life
As if it were ours. 
You said you loved me
In native tongues
Like I wouldn't know
But love is a word like no other
No matter what language 
It's spoken in. I may not 
Understand Arabic but I do
Understand your voice and love
Carries nerves and courage
On a tightrope across concrete
Chasms of confusion and fear. 
Love unearths sincerity from your eyes 
Buried by logic and faith
Bringing forth from the brown
A colorless passion. 
All of this I know
And all of this I witnessed;
All of it for nothing
But a constant split gaining ground
Forever until death or peace. 
You could not want me
Your test, 
     your demon, 
          your infidel. 
I could not have you 
The only heaven ever worth 
My heart, 
     my life, 
          my damnation. 

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