Friday, January 10, 2014

Some Sick Kind of Broken

It's not everyday you end up running out
But every other day we end up falling out
Could these moments spare the pain we married 
Demons don't feel quite like sharing
And all the time we've left is coming down
You took away my breath but it's been found
And now

I'm running away 
from you for me 
for you to see 
just what it means 
To be afraid 
of everything 
so lost at sea 
and buried under your vices

You see in a violent shade of hate
And you dream in a vibrant way of fate
Can we escape the caustic
Find our mistakes and pause this
Before it gets too late
Cause lately I can't seem to find the time to wait
And lately I can't seem to find time time to waste

Show me the way 
to be complete 
and make you see 
I'd do anything 
Give me a break 
are you insane 
you never change 
stuck in your bottle of vices

I need your hands
to help me defend
against the luxury
of backwards motion
and frosted glass. 
Just give me moments
to fix the flawed
we both know that
I've always been 
Some sick kind of broken

Show me the way
Under your vices

Give me break
In this bottle of vices

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