Friday, May 9, 2014

Free and quick 010

She stared 
at the ground
only the sound
of tears 
cooling down
and it

Free and Quick 009

time isn't money 
when she can't 
spend either
so she'd rather 
get by today 
than work for 
she'd rather believe 
in angels

Free and Quick 006

 she is sin                
and I am    
what more     
can be said

Free and Quick 007

 she was an abbreviation            
of pain                  
  short and sweet;     
always to the point

Free and Quick 008

She's in love 
with the sound of bones 
becoming dust 
and I can't get enough 
of her

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Diverged, My Words

She loved 
when my words 
were halting her breath 
and teasing her breadth

She feared 
when my words 
were marring my past 
and all that might pass

She cringed 
when my words 
were brilliant to her 
but not written to her

Free and Quick 005

She asked for the way 
to my heart; I told her 
not to worry, it's easy 
enough to find 
but impossible 
to ever leave. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Waves of Art, of Grief

I've lost more than a few
of the nevers I folded
around her heaven. 
It's never my fault
but never a choice
and every bit of hurt
becomes glimpses that burn
and I fall asleep with wishes
against stars, I could 
damn near touch,
to leave this world dark
so I don't have to see
us beyond
this lack of grace. 

Free & Quick 004

She is every tense
last to present;
all of the senses
masked in tension
and I am hers,
late and senseless

A Breath of Fire, Awake but Tired

I remember when God existed
in vomited apologies
and mental prisons 
when I was buried dismal, barely visible 
and no one worried quite like you. 
I lied more times than I'd admit to 
and that's the dead fucking truth. I gave 
you countless red eyes 
and only shared a few 
but broken for us was the better of ways. You were the lake, eerie as ever, 
and I was a rock breaking your strides 
as you aimed for the shore. 

Inequities of the Selfish

we've monetized hate     
with righteous dollar bills
and still we offer      
dysfunction in the cause
to little weapons;
these are angels
born of promise
demons born of peace, 
holy proof     
of verisimilitude
in love, in faith

Hold Onto Your Light

where will you go       
when you no longer need me?        
   I'll be here, before your shadow
standing in the way                                 
     like a breath of fire      

Free and Quick 001

you've stained my lips
this night 
and there aren't enough ways
this night      
can fufill the promises 
we, as fools, desire       

Free and Quick 002

And there she stood 
waning in the April soot
lips absurdly idle
but the shore made sure 
she'd turn around

The SPD Chronicles V

It's here I lay in spite 
of whispers grinding 
down the back of my eyelids, 
hearing nothing- but my name;
nothing- all the same. 
And I am begging 
for cover under darkness 
from a light that proves 
I'm here again. 

The Pines that Lift the Pyre

It's a purgatorial mess
not knowing 
which of us deserves 
to be alone. Here
are more than high walls 
in the lowest breaths 
and here are less 
than maddened causes. 
Be restless long enough 
to stalk the lines 
that bring cancer 
to your tears. 

Just Another Neverwonder

I tried 
to write a ballad 
that would make you fall
in love again and 
all it was is overgrown. 
I tried 
to write a sonnet 
that would tear you down 
to tears but all it was 
dismantled my being. 

What Chases Us

You invited me over 
to show you 
what my love, 
my teeth, 
my hells 
were made of
and I didn't show up 
to disappoint but rather 
to make you fault 
your knees for weakness. 

Ruse on the Rocks

My tongue on your earlobe 
left no stain 
but broke the ice 
for my breath to break 
through your eardrum 
and stain your heart;
such a filthy deke 
on filthier ice. 

A Few More Sips

we ran 
as fast as we could 
but I was never willing 
to say I wasn't ready 
to hold onto you 
and I was selfish 
to love you 
with such little fire

The SPD Chronicles IV

When I fall 
to my back, my demons 
become agog phantoms 
wanting for me, 
their prison,
and so I sleep
facing the dirt;
kissing my hell. 

The Answers Serve Her Anguish

Where the wind laid calm 
and catholic as kids, 
evolved into a water spout 
that tossed our plans 
into a decade of dark waters. 
Once the air came clean, 
so we followed 
and still found less hope 
than magic. She only needed 
a hand and mine were 
filthy; I was no savior. 


We all have secrets; derelict shards 
of our shadow-selves. Salvaged 
only by the lust 
for an impending doom. 
Gifts we carry and do not own 
that would break the earth, if built upon, 
like a flash flood taking lives with it 
just because it can 
and my secrets take lives 
just to have a body count. 

The SPD Chronicles III

I hadn't died 
in six weeks; 
a personal best 
I wished only to drag 
out by the teeth
for the rest of my life. 

The Breath and the Bridle

I only ever fell apart 
in the heat 
of her cognac eyes. 
A ministry of Hennessy 
And physically 
wrenching wings. 

She only ever fell for me
in the heat 
of my whiskey lies. 
The misery of Jimmy Beam
And Howlin Wolf 

We only ever felt together
in the heat 
of our selfish cries. 
A wishful dream that sits between
our favorite 
unromantic scenes. 

A Touch Too Late, But Wait...

In waves there are pauses; 
sudden breaks 
to atone for the wild ways 
we stayed apart
and I had to be a martyr. 
I had to free the sand. 
I had to be a devil;
I couldn't be her man. 

The Girl We All Forget V

She held such filth 
behind her back 
to make up for her flaws 
until we both stopped 
being perfect 
and we were both good 

The Girl We All Forget IV

She never knew 
what to say 
so her body spoke 
fluent and her eyes spoke 
broken English 
and we were both silent hells.

The Girl We All Forget III

She wore red like a stop sign 
and halted me at sight, 
grim like the sunlight 
under storm clouds; a rarity 
to the brain and 
we were both rare to light. 

The Girl We All Forget II

She loves the metric men 
that get her off 
so she called me Johnnie Walker 
and would peel my label 
before drinking me dry 
and we were both dry. 

The Girl We All Forget I

She's afraid of a man 
without a mask 
so she told me I was 
her phobia like a staircase 
to death yet she would climb me 
as her daunting friend 
and we were both 
daunting then. 

Four to One, No Sugar

I've slanted the cause 
for keeping up 
and skewed every step 
the basics of breath. 
Still I rise and fall 
like lakes onto the heads 
of desperate groves. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

With Benefits

She told me 
I had a dry 
sense of humor, 
as dry as the bottle 
I got it from. Binging 
like a child 
in a Cracker Jack box, 
choking down the brown 
and getting my prize. 
She said 
she'd show me pain 
and punishment, 
so I showed her pain 
And all his friends. 

The Only Gift

I am insatiable
A monster
Of simple desire
Lacking destiny
Just dark and daring
You to get close
To be pushed away
In a splash
Of violent flavors
Giving lift to dying ice.

Flattered Less Battered

She is blight 
and filth 
and plague 
and looks like shit 
on paper but she 
drips so pretty 
like an asphalt rainbow. 

To Worry More on Life than Death

She spent an hour staring 
at the butt of her cigarette 
because it looked like me, 
curled up on the couch 
dead or asleep. She spent 
an hour staring at a beer 
because it looked like me, 
still, cold, sweating for her. 
She spent year in grief 
and a year in pain 
and a year in anger 
and a year in denial. 
She wanted to cry. 
She wanted to fall. 
She needed to kill. 
She needed to see 
that I was exactly 
who she thought I was. 

Angler Road; Pronounced at the Scene

I bought a fifth 
for my vices and a zip 
just to level. Found 
the edge of the earth 
with a foot 
on the pedal 
testing heroes 
and faith 
and destiny 
to see who caves first. 
Caught the branch 
of an old oak tree and woke up 
on the side of the road 
with a mouth full 
of dogwood petals. 
I couldn't find my truck. 
Good fucking riddance. 

It Hurt Like You Wanted

There I was 
in a magnificent 
pile of dead dreams, 
broken dogs and old, 
filthy persuasion. 
Jagged on the floor with bottles 
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds 
into the mouths 
of hollow prisons 
that house my wildest 
demons. Then a breath 
held was a breath lost 
and I begged 
for more. 

To Jack and Katja (Or Why I Don't Attend the Local Worships)

I'm incapable 
of giving shits
and everything else
that makes 
feel safe. 

Romance as Usual, I'd Assume

I promised to love you 
through all of your breaking 
but like you my promise is dust now, 
buried with prophets and deists 
who all forsook you 
with power and curses; dust 
I'll one day piss on 
in a stained glass stupor 
steadily forgetting your features 
until the next time I miss you. Eventually 
I'll stop hating and killing and crying 
and spilling but not this year, 
not unless I die before it kills me. 
So now I'm writing letters to the wind 
like I might actually see you again 
but I won't. Even if you existed 
somewhere past death 
we both know I've been hell bound 
since I first used my brain. 
If you do ever make it back to me, 
make sure you've asked your God 
if this is what real romance 
is made of. 

A Time Out and Tapping the Truth

From a tincture to a mixture
Of muddy drinks
And blessings
Heavy on the mud
Desperate and so spared
For another place to die
A better reason
To live

The Bed

Seventeen feet 
from a grave
or a dream 
it's not real 
to tell 
the difference 

Rolling Over


My self is tired
makes me sick
Tongue trapped 
in my jaw
A sandstone boulder
Crushing the chance
To breathe

On Eyelids and the Spaces Between Them

You were the fortune 
I should have found
By now- somehow. 
Perhaps if I sold
My shadows
We'd never fear rain
The way we do. 
As if it'd never end
And we were allergic
To every little bead
That swallowed us;
As if the head were the heart
The feet were the cause
And a pulse forced the choice. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Behold the Man That Loved and Lost but All He was is Overworn

I learned in time
that indifference 
is a grim reaper 
to holding onto 
the past. Emotion, 
from hate to love, 
is the iron lung, the 
blood, the resuscitator 
to memories best forgotten. 

Viva La Me

I'm closest 
to peace,
with eyes closed,
when I see
from dunes. 

But We'll Be Alright

You'll hate 
my name, 
my features, my 
and anyone with them.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

As the Wallow

you walked 
when it was 
to stay
you always 
loved me 
when I was 
to hate 

Gods Will Give Us Faults to Make Us Men

How can you walk with death so deep inside you
Half expecting me to share a seat,
To share a drink, a bed and never move
Like a weathered stone subdued in peat. 

Forever may I be the dirt you kiss
In sacrificial, sacrilegious pause;
The gift of cursing gods and and holding fists
Back from breaking down, from breaking walls. 

Define affinity beyond a flail 
For struggled breaths and curiosity
Or suffer in the sight of tearing sails. 
Your demons mirror your monstrosities. 

I just want to know that you're coming home;
I just need to know that you're coming home. 

What Whispers From Her Lying Lip

I'll leave you
Wandering in ruin
Wondering what ruined
Every line you grieved over 
And threw into the trash. 

A Lower Place May Make too Great an Act

These drops dissolved the happiness we chased
We chased them with a vesper to a peak
To get a peek and hopefully a taste
Of such divinity that faults the weak

But in the end these droplets form a wake
Awake and damaged, lambent we'd depend
On all that can depend on what we take
From one another, desperate to pretend

That falling makes us human where we're not. 
We aren't the magic, stars or sunny sets
We set aside in fantasy to rot. 
We're merely scenes we beg that we'll forget. 

I'll try to sleep you off but fail again;
My dreams still come alive with you within. 

Delaying Mournful Words

For years I've wanted to give
You more than I could offer
A heart free of time
And hands free of grime. 
You moved your hand
Somewhere you could reach midnight 
While I showed you the fascinating
Proof of a life 
Existing now and only now. 
And only now is all we have;
A forced skip of lips
That crumbles galaxies. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I flail between the bothered waves at sea
And shackle anchors to my wicked ways
Until my final breath takes you from me
I carry weight where desperation plays

Devour me, dismember all you see
Igniting choruses like carousels 
Until my final breath takes you from me
I'll challenge you to stay within my hell

Control this beast that married you through me
As if your life has not been rough enough
Until my final breath takes you from me
I'll drag you into pieces with this cuff

My dirty damsel- filthy- bloody- weak,
Goodbye should be the only word you speak. 

Juma Zuhur

Far inside the demands of faith, 
my curiosity played havoc 
pouring out grins 
and interrogating 
a purple sky hell 
slaked in warm sand. 
In belief, I am not lambent,
gowned in ill-shaded graves
briefly scraped 
by warlike polish. 

L'esprit de L'amant

She begs me
For every forever
As I kiss death
Five times a minute
With a guilty grin
Of grit and stain. 
That guilt runs west
Staring at her heals
Expecting a bitter lift
To a better path
And a better man
But she doesn't want better;
She doesn't want heaven. 
She's adopted my demons. 
She said they only need
A little bit of love. 

Elle Attend, Elle Ne Devrait Pas

She is smoke and death 
to packs of cigarettes. 
Folding points end to end, 
the ones I tend to forget; 
I meant to forget. 
But I am not a gift or truth. 
What has she done 
to deserve the worst in me? 
Why would I strive 
to preserve the worst in me 
when all that keeps me narrow 
is the thought 
of the filth 
of another 
hand on her. 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Throwing Bricks

They can take my eyes
But you'll never leave my sight.
They can take my tongue
But I'll always scream your name at night.
And all the worries break 
Like fevers and waves 
Crushing the shells 
We once were cast into;
Tearing the sails 
We once were on path by. 
I can't seem to fail
With you on my mind. 
I will never fall
Without you in my hand. 
I've been all over 
The trails of beaten dreams
With hovered hives of cloud and dust
Throwing bricks down the throats
Of every prophet to feather my fears. 

Understand and Overstep

I'm not blind
Just blinded.
This blot, this mixture
A terrifying tincture
To all I know, all I am. 
But all of me is stuck on you
Like every dream 
You walked me through. 
This blot, this mixture;
Why won't it feel as wrong
As we knew it would. 

My Infidel

He swore I wore a halo
He warned me of his horns
I pulled him closer still
And felt him in my teeth. 
He was defined by insanity
For chasing my feet
Expecting a new design
Headed towards him;
Expecting a woman
To fall against 
The fill of summer days. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Precious Visions; Rare Dreams

It was impossible
As to have the world
End and begin simultaneously. 
No option to forget
The feeling of existing
And traveling forward
Further than I ever did before. 
No option to give me
A chance to run 
Among thieves stealing breath
Like it was all I ever needed 
to be happy. No option
To disappear with you
Within you and change life
As if it were ours. 
You said you loved me
In native tongues
Like I wouldn't know
But love is a word like no other
No matter what language 
It's spoken in. I may not 
Understand Arabic but I do
Understand your voice and love
Carries nerves and courage
On a tightrope across concrete
Chasms of confusion and fear. 
Love unearths sincerity from your eyes 
Buried by logic and faith
Bringing forth from the brown
A colorless passion. 
All of this I know
And all of this I witnessed;
All of it for nothing
But a constant split gaining ground
Forever until death or peace. 
You could not want me
Your test, 
     your demon, 
          your infidel. 
I could not have you 
The only heaven ever worth 
My heart, 
     my life, 
          my damnation. 

The Infidel III

What god would place us here
Place me in the webs if your eyes
Place you in the callous of my hands
Place an unholy, unworthy, 
Pathetic man in your heart and
Place a pipe bomb in mine. 
I am unholy without faith
But I am faithful. 
I am unworthy without choice
But I still choose you. 
I am pathetic without words
I am pathetic in your breath.

ELE of Her Faith I

There was a rolling boil
in the breath of her tone
like the undone feeling 
of a last kiss at death
and I was at the helm
of every holy hell
that finally broke the chain. 

A Trial in Madness

Do I need to beg 
For my life for you
To find the fool in you
And dismember 
My breath?
I will liberate your heart
If it costs me my life
To get you out
Of your empty sea
Of faith and myths. 
Making legend;
Making love. 

The Leap that Lends the Fall

Love will judge angels
But no god will stop us
And no god will approve
Of the fevers we produce
En route to final peace
And if there really is
A time for judgement
Of these such sins,
We'll only answer:
Love will do that;

Speaking to a Coward of Clouds and Dark Matter

I'm fighting with a ghost;
A poltergeist of prisons
Waving His holy prick
Like a wand full of great ideas
And fuck you's. 
But I promise you will never
Have either one of us. 
She wants you
To fall into me
But I refuse to be so weak. 
Why won't she turn 
her back on you:
why won't she turn
her hand from mine?

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Wick

We cling to the ground 
with a candle behind us 
daring our bodies 
to mimic our shadows. 
Something wicked 
her way went
and something beautiful 
that way goes
with a flame hushed by breath
and the wick staring 
with smoke in its throat. 

A Bottle of My Ocean

I am an image
Of opulent pain; inferno personified
For the thousandth and first time 
And she's so willing 
to sit in the suffer,
to ever get this far. 
Would she have to sink
to move my head,
my bones, my demons 
towards her?


I am a forest 
threatened by the icy seas
of you and my mistakes 
and if I had a dead tree 
for every time you loved me
in return, I'd be an attraction
but I only ever lost 
the ground beneath me;
drowning in the consumption
of your icy tide. 

Red Eye

Our goodbye felt too soon
So I reached as far as I could
A hundred miles at a time
To pull you close 
And fix the faltering frame
That displayed every image
We threw at the clouds. 
Slipping into seconds
And permanent melodies,
We lost our minds in favor
Of the lack of limits
Favored by insanity. 


I found you
under a silverback sunset
sifting through sand and bones
like you needed neither of them, 
not even me, but I always keep what I find. 

For Less in Time

I find no plight in death nor vagrancy
For less in time these demons face in me
I find no waste in worry laden lips
For less in time they speak beyond their breaths
I find no point in understanding life
For less in time we over stand our height
I find no peace in plucking dreams from clouds
For less in time we hear them cry aloud
I find no pain in our blot and mixture
For less in time does good begin with pure
I find no weight in holy hands or gods
For less in time they level out the odds 
I find no gift in loving as I do
For less in time I find my wishes true

Wintered Draw

I stare away 
from the bullets of yesterday, 
in cold watching 
my breath to prove I exist. 
She calls me legend 
when I'm paranoid, 
I call her dream 
when she touches me.
Nobody will understand 
one body to rule a man. 

Love Like Weapons

She lived her life 
by the words of ghosts, 
desperately throwing
solace like shade
onto the love
like weapons we made. 

Laqad Raddat Hubbatii

Once we had nothing left
I offered her everything I was
But she was so broken
She refused because
She knew well how to love
But not how to be loved. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

No Day Ahead

I told her we can suffer
Until our eyes bleed facts
But it couldn't parry the past. 
She tore the white off every wall
Revealing magnificent filth
As if it were all we ever needed 
To fix the fury; to break the pain. 

North End

I'm in unkempt wait
On brick and cheap linoleum 
Anticipating the steam
Of her almost glory. 
It's a miraculous sidestep,
A hand of rummy,
Queen of hearts
And she's out. 

On the Beach of Lake Erie VII

If my sorrows would learn 
to swim I'd have no need 
for whiskey tides 
but they always seem 
to drown more easily 
than thunder on the shore. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Rhythm of the Rye

I'll rarely ever pore 
Over missing footsteps 
On broken earth. 

I'll likely never pray
To anyone again;
Such wasted breaths. 

But here becomes a gift,
A moment to decide
How we progress

And you are just a phase,
A painless death to time
- Mine for now. 

Remember Your Fate

Every fault line 
that could crumble 
was lost in you
uprooting, without mercy, 
the brilliant loss in you. 
I hope you never live forever
my heart feels better 
without your breath. 


I died so slightly
Slightly out if arms length
Lengths became home 
Home became history
A history of blackouts
Blacked out by the fall of grace
Disgraced and alone
A loan of love I'll never repay

Soy un Perdedor, Nena

Te quiero, mi azul 
con piezas de dolor 
que necesitan las impresiones 
de los dedos. 
Te quiero, mi azul 
no dejes que me pierdo 
que no te voy a perder.

The Fool of the Fire

A cocktail of her only sins 
Only blends fear and loneliness
And she can't count on me
To make amends
But she can always count
My greatest sins
So I touch her
Like we're out of time
And kiss her
Like I'm ready to die
I warm her
To a vibrant smolder 
And warn her
It just gets colder

Some Sick Kind of Broken

It's not everyday you end up running out
But every other day we end up falling out
Could these moments spare the pain we married 
Demons don't feel quite like sharing
And all the time we've left is coming down
You took away my breath but it's been found
And now

I'm running away 
from you for me 
for you to see 
just what it means 
To be afraid 
of everything 
so lost at sea 
and buried under your vices

You see in a violent shade of hate
And you dream in a vibrant way of fate
Can we escape the caustic
Find our mistakes and pause this
Before it gets too late
Cause lately I can't seem to find the time to wait
And lately I can't seem to find time time to waste

Show me the way 
to be complete 
and make you see 
I'd do anything 
Give me a break 
are you insane 
you never change 
stuck in your bottle of vices

I need your hands
to help me defend
against the luxury
of backwards motion
and frosted glass. 
Just give me moments
to fix the flawed
we both know that
I've always been 
Some sick kind of broken

Show me the way
Under your vices

Give me break
In this bottle of vices

Lights Off

Wound up by the seconds of the past
Welcomed back to the bottom of the glass
I've got a problem you can touch real
I've got to show you how these words feel
Strip it down show me everything you need
Rip it out with a smile, make it bleed
I've got some issues that are too real
So let me show you how this should feel

Voyeur Deville

There were diamonds in your bones,
sirens in your tones 
and vibrance in your own
Careless sense of nowhere. 
Nowhere laying calmly
in the back of your eyes 
like buried tales of ecstasy. 
All of this vicarious function
knows ends like a virgin swinger. 
Yet you subdued me. Held me
like a whiskey warrior with
four legs wrapped around him
and, falling away, a delayed 
pulse going through you 
to start a new show. 

One Bite

Wild wild western winds
Worry while we wake within. 
Torrents tribunate the tears
To tear the time; to take the tinge.
Falling forward, failing fights
Fully fueled for faulting frights.
Learning life like lepers love.
Leaving lies like lucid lights.