Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Eater and the Haunted

I lift her to the sky to let her fall
as blistered, beaten pasts become undone.
I make a million moments worth her awe
and I know how to make her makeup run.

I kiss her slow and melt her in my hand
while whispers glow in pauses of the sun.
I solve with sweat the passions left unplanned
and I know how to make her makeup run.

I belt a ballad smeared by bitter ryes
of every sorrow lacked in sin and fun.
My demons make a mess beneath her eyes
and I know how to make her makeup run.

So this will end less definite than death
as endless love for all we can't forget.

Miss Use

What would the plan be
If I hadn't said a word
and where would your hands be
If I hadn't said the words
I've got you stuck in my stare
And baby if you dance I dare

You to go, run out
And splurge your impulsions
It's something I heard was true
It's something I never knew
Gave you the courage to do what you want to.
It's something I made you do
It's something I'd never do

With weapons
Made for gunning down
A helpless crowd
Of boys will be boys
You kept on killing the floor
Until you made sure

That you'd hit the road
And splurge your impulsions
It's something I heard was true
It's something I heard you
Said fuck this, fuck that
And fuck all of you too
It's something I made you do
But I know you forgot to
Really make it real and purge your emotions
It's something you couldn't do
It's something you knew
Made a mess of the best years
You'd ever been through
And in the process I knew
You were my favorite misuse.

Por Caroline

I sit in wait
in the darkest corners
of the smallest bars
and lay in waste
in the darkest corners
of the largest hearts.


When the war
between light and dark
finally ends,
I cannot win.
For if the darkness
conquers my light,
I'm dark forever;
a shadow of myself.
If light conquers my dark
then all will see
the faces of my demons.
In either case
I'm human.


Wasn't I the lucky one to live
Couldn't I have loved you more than this
But if I did love you I'd be dead
My innocence is something to be said
And in a sense it's something to be read
But isn't this a foolish wish
Full of risk for fluid hips
and fluent lips of a fool at wits
with his own fucked up foolishness?
I guess I'd say for you it is.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

For Less in Time

I find no plight in death or vagrancy
For less in time these demons face in me
I find no waste in worry laden lips
For less in time they speak beyond their breaths
I find no point in understanding life
For less in time we over stand our height
I find no peace in plucking dreams from clouds
For less in time we hear them cry aloud
I find no pain in our blot and mixture
For less in time does good begin with pure
I find no weight in holy hands or gods
For less in time they level out the odds 
I find no gift in loving as I do
For less in time I find my wishes true

Man of Glass

All of my heroes 
are metric myths;
shots and fifths. 

In Wake

She wonders
where we got these scars.
The truth is they are all we are. 
They're carved from the courage 
of laying under stars
and even more-
from loving during war. 

The Infidel II

She spoke of God 
In foreign tongues
And wept a little
When I wouldn't believe. 
I told her my faith
My heart, my hands
Cannot belong to phantoms
But they'd remain hers 
If she asked for them. 

Bound in Bales of Hell

As she held me in pieces, 
flayed in her hand, she wept 
responsibly and once again 
the sorrow strangled me. 
So I whispered in tune 
between pain and amnesty: 
I've always been broken, 
more broken than bruised. 

To Own the Moon and Serve it Too

We were the hungriest of thieves
running through streetlight 
coated sand, chasing fire
like we'd never been burned 
before; hoping like children do, 
that selfish wishes 
might come true. 

The Infidel I

His heart was fast and shallow 
like the edge of a waterfall. 
That much she knew 
but on this edge she dreamt; 
from this edge she fell. 

Shadows and Pride

Each moment's a beach
Mistakes are the sand
The lake is the desert
Still taunting our hands
Each day soon divides
As nights multiply
This distance between 
Our shadows and pride

Alto Concession

Reckless and underwhelmed
By heroes and weathered bells
Sleepless and darker still
My angels have all died
and gone to much better hells

To Conflict Against Her Wishes

This is one walk in the right direction
Letting go of hopeless detention
I might love you in the next dimension
But my heart is just a bad invention

Western Winds are Better Friends

We were delicate 
So much so we broke a home
Excuses and broken bones
This future's been foretold
We're too delicate
So much so that we're alone
Irreverent and overgrown
With beautifully sorrowed moans
For the rest of the world. 

The Digression of Heaven


This joint of calming silence 
allows us to revolve 
each other's wishes 
around our distance. 
But with minor movement 
and unfocused gestures 
I still found time to say-
I will always love you 
in the worst of ways. 

The Progression of Heaven

This salted air conjoins us 
with destructive memories
that paralyze our darkest views
of sex and pedigree. 
But with stumbled breaths 
and mirrored pain
I still found time to say-
I can only love you
in the worst of ways. 


As she walks with love 
thrown across her back 
I hate to see her all alone 
like that. If anyone could change 
how she believes- I can. 
Can she see the sky fall 
ill in her name? 
I can feel the holes faith drilled. 
I can hate just like she will. 
I can die alone on Friday nights
but I can't seem to stand still 
within her sight. 

Nostra Contra


I can only remember 
your face 
like its reflection 
off oil. Bent 
and breaking in waves 
of failed perdition. 

The Hellion

I was far too selfish
to ever leave you. 
I lived to make 
the rest of your life lonely. 
But I was far too selfish
to ever leave you alone
so I tortured your will
to suffer for my love. 
And I was far too selfish
to ever leave. 
I needed an audience
to weep and applaud
at my infernal forever. 

Oceans in a Bottle

I rest my head on empty bottles 
in an attempt to bury 
all of the burdens 
of an emotional king; 
in hopes to syphon my mind dry just once a night. But it never works 
and I come to understand 
that the bottles were never really empty, 
they just aren't large enough; 
there simply aren't enough 
to contain the daily sorrow 
I swallow for you. 

Romance in Reprise

We looked each other in the eyes
And knowing we both had to die
We kissed in such a desperate way
That seemed to whisper: Not today.