Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Like a Dream

Tonight I make a toast to every girl
Except for one who taught me how to feel
For her I'll write an ode to show the world
That like a dream , she was but wasn't real

Between the ugly colors of our pasts
I found her in my emptiness of mind
Below a mountain range of men and trash
But like a dream, though buried still she shined.

I loved her after love became a ghost
She loved the pressured strokes behind my pen
Of everything she was I loved the most
That like a dream, I couldn't know her end

Then I awoke to who I really am
A man of demons, vices, pain and sin;
A man so undeserving of her hand
And like a dream the terror would begin

I built her up on speed and evil charm
I left her on a night of genesis
I lied and lied beneath satanic arms
Then like a dream, her eyes dissolved to mist

So weightless under every cry she veiled
Perturbed and broken down while ash remained
Devoured by a pulse that seemed to fail
So like a dream her tears evolved to rain

Alone and carried home in filthy clothes
Like every bit of poison on my skin.
I let her go, hellbent to save her soul
She's like a dream I'll never have again.

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