Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Seven Year Twitch

Barely alive
my heart's buried inside
the variance of my own scariness we share in surprise
when my eyes grind the stop signs
and carry benign
lovers to a grave
made of very good lies.
But who am I to decide
who lives and who dies
when I defy the skies
disguise a time bomb as a prize
and blow minds
with packs of mines
all carried in nines
because I flipped six upside down
in the same vein that I made hell
relocate to the clouds.
I'm not allowed back
I found that out the god way
when demons disappeared from my brain's
twisted hallways
made of hard flames and arcades
of mad numbers and jumpers
that even Third Eye Blind
could not save.
I wish you would flip off of that ledge my friend
so I can use your body as wall paint
while the blood's still fresh so it sticks
what the fuck? I swear I didn't say that shit.
And then it clicked
my tongue's sick
from the night I made love
to a three titted succubus bitch
named Twitch.

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