Friday, March 29, 2013


I'm schemin on the sly
Dreamin that I'm alive
Sippin tequila ether
With demons on either side
It's crazy for me to see em
Crazier to believe em
Basically I'm insane
Since I'm wasting away
To beat em
I hate me and that's an issue
The basics of where it issued
Itself to me in a flurry
Of broken worries and tissues
Dismissal is just a visceral
Sentinel sent to sentence you
Into abysmal visuals
Which then ensues
You pick and choose
The battles that you win and lose
But surely I've never won
They follow me to the sun
Bother me till I'm done
And swallow me just for fun
They let me breathe and let me walk
Let me see but don't let me talk
Let me cringe until I bleed
And break my bones like dying stalks
Of misery and wizardry
A symphony of mystery
Formed between my history
And injuries from liberty
Without victory
That's it for me

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