Friday, March 29, 2013

¡Amor Vida!

I sleep in gasoline to catch a spark
And burst into the flames that sleep in me
I congregate with demons in the dark
To better understand insanity

She trips through silent movie era plots
With strengths that full oppose her fragile face
She loves in black and white and cold and hot
To make her love a legend to replace

Together we're too broken to divide
And vehement to care for bitter tastes
Together we are shadows, bound and tied
So there may never be a light to waste

It's more than building castles in our eyes
Together we're forever; forever we're alive


We walked on dampened sand
Time is a curse of man
I kissed your velvet hand
Time is a curse of man
That only shows itself when it's damned
We broke the face, destroyed the hands
And so we changed the plans
Time is a curse of man

Behind the brink of light
Time is a cursive flight
Beyond our drunken sight
Time is a cursive flight
With far too much finesse for lies
Calligraphy as death's disguise
And yet we still won the night
Time is a cursive flight

With no tomorrows to hold us down
Time is a vacant sound
Back and forth we twist around
Time is a vacant sound
One that we have never found
Just a prison we can live without
So if tomorrow never comes to town
We've got nothing here to cry about
Time is a vacant sound

Decibels Per Minute

We kissed where bullets meet
On a broken little street
Under a structured sky
Nine stories burned alive
Shards of grace and flare
Dancing down her hair
Reflecting my demise
As it passed behind her eyes
Just another way to fly
Just another day alive

Paid Dews

In journey and in common ground
Watch us, both alive.
Our love resembles fury
A fire in the sky
In difference and division
Watch us multiply
Our love resembles distance
A mile to a fly
In hours and forevers
Watch us both discern
Our loves resembles nothing
A camouflage we've earned

No Less Passionate

Maybe we don't love right
Because we don't fight
Or we see peace is love
And only lead our own light
Whatever you want to call it
We have it and love it


I'm schemin on the sly
Dreamin that I'm alive
Sippin tequila ether
With demons on either side
It's crazy for me to see em
Crazier to believe em
Basically I'm insane
Since I'm wasting away
To beat em
I hate me and that's an issue
The basics of where it issued
Itself to me in a flurry
Of broken worries and tissues
Dismissal is just a visceral
Sentinel sent to sentence you
Into abysmal visuals
Which then ensues
You pick and choose
The battles that you win and lose
But surely I've never won
They follow me to the sun
Bother me till I'm done
And swallow me just for fun
They let me breathe and let me walk
Let me see but don't let me talk
Let me cringe until I bleed
And break my bones like dying stalks
Of misery and wizardry
A symphony of mystery
Formed between my history
And injuries from liberty
Without victory
That's it for me

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Dark Matter

Between ashes and bloodstains,
you were a dead mirror
hanging from an old shoestring.
Lifelessly mimicking
the lies of the lives you crave.
You didn't know better
but better knew you
and better was never
anywhere but tethered
to you forever. Still you searched
and settled on silver and bronze
until your blush
was of shame and envy
and you tried
to bury yourself in me
but I am just
dark matter.

Hardly Human

For you to follow
My emotions
Would require me
To have them
To begin with.
But I'm not human
Not at all
And I needed demons
And I needed ghosts
And I needed a love
Triangle bent, upside down
With the devil on one end.
You wanted me
Without my sleights
And crimes against
Better men
But I was incapable
Of being more than your

Johnnie Walker Dead

It was a wish
made upon the falling scars
of what I would never remember;
upon the bastions of tears
angled in the dust of yesterday.
I hope someone brags about four bottles
that sat around me empty,
watching me burn out.
The red, blanco and opaque oranges.
Bitter painless sugar
still clouding the room.

Final Flurry

At the peak of existence
I was holding slurred
with an empty mattress,
empty bottle and
what you wish
was an empty gun.
But if I learned one thing
about you it was that
you needed fire
and the pirouetted exhale
of smoke from a barrel
would be the dragon
to spark your blood
into a lust of rage and faith.
My blood on the floor
and your blood in the air
would be the last snowfall
of this winter.

A Prologue to Winter Rain

I have a million words
I need to say to you
but I can't because
it wouldn't be fair
to make you fall
twice and never
catch you.

Thunder and Sane

I'm buried in your scent
Would you take me
With you if you went
Away for less than good?
I swear to god I would.

Separation Anxiety Disorder

Would the world live fine without you
It lives just fine without us
It'd live just fine without me


You hit me like an asteroid
Devastating every sense of safety
I'd built to keep my demons inside
Away from this world
Unleashing the horrors
Of loving a man like me.

Involuntary Flare

All of my lights
Are frenetic by nature
Ticking frantically
In a Tourette-like tango
With your ghost
Under every single one
And I get carried
Away by the only green eyes
I ever really needed.
I got carried away
And that's all
You ever really needed
To hear.

Bottled Up

I tried to hold your heart
Tried to call it home
But I only threw stones

Cadaverous Sincerity

I'd cry a few seconds
If I heard of your death
But I'd miss the funeral
And just... forget you.

Gold Hard Truth

Your heart is still broken
Broken by your fears
So there cannot be love inside.
It's a car with no engine;
A vessel without purpose
And somewhere in you,
Everywhere in you,
I am right.

Three Eleven

You want love
I take love
We make love
Both in love
Yet never


When I met you,
I was on a path
to righteousness
and I wasn't just
chasing ghosts;
I was trying to
catch raindrops
on a needlepoint.
And somehow
you caught one for me.

Between the Shadows of Sound

Whether words warrant
My feelings or not
I still have them
And whether will wouldn't
Achieve them to stop
I'd still have them
For you.


Without whiskey I could never write a love song
Without whiskey, perhaps, I could never love wrong
Without whiskey I'd probably never see you
Without whiskey there's no brown, only sea blue

Ghost Fame

Nothing nobody does could ever help or harm me
So I'm killing myself until I'm felt like sharpies
My heart beats slow but the bottles go fast
Until my heartbeat knows which one will be the last
It's not my past or present it's all from my future
I inherited brown glass and gothic sutures
The Kama sutra of macabre is in my fucking veins
And I spill it every time I write, to leave a million stains
Of insane rain reigning, I might be crazy
But I stay away from all shady shades
That could relapse me back
To my Vice City 80s phase
And write cocaine slang on the sides of old trains
Like I never gave a fuck
Only looking for ghost fame
Anyways so I'd take a thirty eight out and brain myself
Because it leaves a bigger stain than if I hang myself

The Seven Year Twitch

Barely alive
my heart's buried inside
the variance of my own scariness we share in surprise
when my eyes grind the stop signs
and carry benign
lovers to a grave
made of very good lies.
But who am I to decide
who lives and who dies
when I defy the skies
disguise a time bomb as a prize
and blow minds
with packs of mines
all carried in nines
because I flipped six upside down
in the same vein that I made hell
relocate to the clouds.
I'm not allowed back
I found that out the god way
when demons disappeared from my brain's
twisted hallways
made of hard flames and arcades
of mad numbers and jumpers
that even Third Eye Blind
could not save.
I wish you would flip off of that ledge my friend
so I can use your body as wall paint
while the blood's still fresh so it sticks
what the fuck? I swear I didn't say that shit.
And then it clicked
my tongue's sick
from the night I made love
to a three titted succubus bitch
named Twitch.