Monday, January 21, 2013


There are nights
when the wind
reminds me of you;
of the way you danced.
Those sounds you carried
all around me.
The cool of your pleas
the weld of your breath
all punishing me
just how I like.
So much to forget.
So rough to forget.

The Line, Cut, Finesse

You made me feel more
than feeling again
as we waged war
on just being friends
using swords forged
of silence and grins
to cut each other and hide
from the February winds.

Her Nimbus

There was a time when I saw heaven
as a place to go.
A place beyond the circumstance
of letting go; losing control.

There was a time when I saw heaven
as an adversary.
An opponent to slam me
through the dirt; to buried hurt.

There was a time when I saw heaven
underneath your eyes.
Welling your tears
for gold and glory; but never for me.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Remember that winter
that stretched to forever
and never seemed better behind.
But warrant as will
the cost of our thrill
was all we hoped never to find.
I loved you like fire
so quick to expire
extinguished by delicate fears.
And now to surprise
the peak of this night
I'll challenge your eyes to be clear.

I'll start with some words 
that crumble the earth
along which you've rebuilt yourself. 
Then mumble goodbye
while you hold back cries
to me to keep you out of hell. 
You'll hug me too tight
and smile in light
then scream from the pits of your bones. 
But I'll always hear
your most silent fears;
your inferno, a hell of my own. 

A Matter of Focus

Let's not pretend any of this is new
This couch might be, your bed might too
But the breath that left me into you
and slid our hearts a little loose
is the only thing we both should remember

Distant and Clover

My glove box is full
of old bones and bad poems
most of which would kill me
if I ever forgot
the color of your eyes.

Divination Through Distillation

Our past is clad
in frozen glass;
proof that we existed
as one,
at once

Into Our Souls We Sneak

Intentions are gold
Retention is cold
Admission is bold
Are we?
Our lips we can hold
But tongues can be rouge
And into our souls
We sneak.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Spilled Shots and Eye Contact

I'm a soldier
of truth
with a bad mouth
and a history
of blackouts.
She's a warrior
for truth
with a hard crush
and a heavy liqueur
If we were
the only living people
from our pasts,
we'd be perfect

A Ride to the Heart or Somewhere Less Secluded

There's not an open road to find your way
No signs or signals for your GPS
And I am just a cluttered case of hell
Reflecting every broken piece of skin
That coats the fear of meaning anything
To you today, tonight, tomorrow too
Since all I know in life is how to hurt
I'd burn myself alive just to preserve
The frailties that perfect the way you love
Believe me when I say I'm worse than real
I'm haunting as a disembodied touch
That holds you every night you spend alone
So save yourself from every beast I am
By making love with loneliness instead

I'm Your Zero

I have no talent for anything
other than loving you
and in that art form I'm no Dali
but I love you in ways
no one could ever think of

After the Bar, Back in the Car

I love in the most unromantic ways
If I could feel a thing I might feel you
But numbness is a cold I can't betray
Instead I'd rather freeze tonight as two.

When it Was

I was selfish
to the point that I
Dismantled you into
A mountain of dust
So I could climb
To the top
And marvel at the beauty
Of my sorrow-less empire.

92 Proof Honesty

It's sad to say shit like this
and mean every word,
but it's been too long
since I was at war
with someone like you
on some substance like me.

Of Your Voice

It wouldn't take more
than a whisper to brew
hurricanes throughout
the shell that I am.

Of Your Presence

Every time I see you
the fuse on a stick of dynamite
ignites next to my heart
and every time I leave you
it explodes.

Of Your Hands

It wouldn't take more
than a touch to brew
sweat like napalm
setting fire to my skin.

Answers III

We're both uncertain
as to why but
we're both certain of
every forever we felt.
Maybe I didn't really leave at all;
maybe I'm just hiding.

Answers II

Maybe I left
pieces of myself with you
on purpose just to find
the good of me later,
when I need it.

Answers I

Maybe I left
because you tasted like liberty
and we both know
freedom is a narcotic
I have no control over.


You said you were alone
but when I found you
there was time
and there was hope
and there was everything
I needed to survive the night.

Whiskey Cure

I drank feelings.
to feel burning;
a burn
that feels deserving
for sorrows
I handed out.

Apocalypse Angel II

She smelled like rapture
and her body moved
like armageddon;
no one told me
the end of the world
would look like her.
A beautiful contrast
of pale skin on dark skies;
of parallel lines against smoke.

Innocence In A Sense

I can't spend another night without your pulse
Touching mine making moments out of ghosts
These walls are spinning grinning at your bed
They want a show and they won't stop until we're dead

Our gods are useless
We must prove to them
That we are more than human
We are revolution

Break the heavens down
They can't contain us now
We never needed any faith
To keep us on the ground

Your pulse my pulse it's music now
My sin your skin I love the sound
In love in death we live somehow
One night tonight lets make it loud


Our gods are useless
We must prove to them
That we are more than human
We are revolution

The Attack

I shot at the heavens
To bring down angels;
To get your attention.

Somehow Not Enough

She kissed like English rain
and burned like summer love
all in the break
of February.

Of Love and Nothing Else

Touch me
turn away
turn everything I built
into time to speak.
I'm finding ghosts
behind me
every single time I drink.
I don't fear the cross
I wear it just in case
Something inside me is afraid.
Something inside me is afraid.

Pieces for One Peace V

I fell away
from feeling alive
and into a descent
of indecent decimals;
fragments of war
all for no one
with no one
like her.

Pieces for One Peace IV

I hate her
like the violin
hates the guitar

Pieces for One Peace III

She could have been
anything she wanted
but instead she became
everything to me.

Pieces for One Peace II

I guess you could say
I loved the way
she tied me to her bed
for good

Pieces for One Peace I

I found her
for the chills
and chilly nights alone
to ward away
my warring wills