Friday, June 29, 2012

Individuation (Ab Irato) I

I begin to lose hope in America
when a rainbow cookie
causes mass boycotting
They'd eat shit
if you stuck an American flag
printed cocktail umbrella in it.
They'd drink piss
if it came in a cheap, gold plated flask
with a crucifix on it
or if it was dispensed cold
into a toilet paper cone
from a holy gossip cooler.

I began to see hope in America
drowning in a sea of tapout shirts
that cover fake muscles, shrunken balls
tribal tattoos and homophobic shit-for-brains
buried underneath a hierarchy of whores
screaming YOLO because they skipped school,
smoked a bowl, tried anal, kissed a girl
stole money from their parents
and got arrested for giving head behind a convenient store.

I haven't had hope in America
since the people wished to erase
a decent president from history
not because of adultery or conspiracy
or lying under oath to the people who trusted him
but for being the whitest black man
to stand in the White House
just below Colin Powell, Seal and Will Smith
So I want those wishers to wish in one hand,
shit in the other, give themselves a nice golf clap
and do the Home Alone face.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


If the devil wants
to find me,
she'd better learn
to drink.

If the devil needs
to have me,
she'd better learn
to bleed.

If the devil seeks
to destroy me,
she'd better learn
to love.

Monday, June 25, 2012

I, Demise

I am the sky that blends;
I am the rose that bends
backwards balancing
on ropes within.

I am a porous slide;
I am a broken slide
delicate, cracking
under your eyes

Friday, June 22, 2012

Song of my Siren


It's so easy to offer forever
to you, so a few is the least I can do.
Our hearts are not enemies
except upon our enemies
and together there's no weather
we can't turn into reveries.
The harder life becomes
the harder we pull one another
refusing to suffer under anyone
but each other. Our bond is brushed
in passion, love and lust
but trust me when I say
thats the only perfect way to love.
Each day can mean everything;
each night can be lost.
But as you promise me
I promise you my love only costs
the price of being sought.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Brandy (VSOP)

By the time we hit our limit
we were already speeding.
Like whiskey that tasted of
old cough syrup, we were just
two different types of fucked up.
I freed our zippers and she yelled VIVA!
So we couldn't waste our breath.
Outside of the confines of flesh and time
her bed became a filthy mental asylum
of straight jacket bed sheets,
brown pillowed walls and
pill freckled floors.
As we bounced off each other
in a dim lit disco of wet friction
speeding through octaves
we enjoyed the rise and fall
of twin current mountains
and passed out, dismantled,
unable to paint over the evidence.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Paper Lover

I wasn't a sight to see
I was an illusion to her heart
An illusion she placed
Too much hope into
Like pulling the trigger
Of a gun without a firing pin
I was merely a body bag
Of bad magic and good lies
That promised her the world
With the volant grip of my hands
My intentions were only gold
But my addictions were immortal
I used her on accident
Like walking drunk into the wrong bathroom
And not noticing the absent smell
Of piss pucks and testosterone
I really wanted to love her
But I was just a paper lover
And a damn good one

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Missery II

Every swarm she spoke repeated itself
Repeated it's selfless haunting
Cinctured with foul viscosity
She was always absent on nights I'd claim her hand
There's brilliance in convenience
She ruled her world and everyone in it
And there I was indifferent; a separatist
Moving through her waves
But her body was agnate to mine
Despairingly reduced to flames and blood trails
And I almost loved her

Friday, June 15, 2012


I was the light post; you were the bulb
A perfect match half the time
But you couldn't let us stay involved
Now you own the burden
Of your own burns
And the walls around us never break

Shadows kiss darker shadows; still
Like you kiss me respectively
But nothing ever felt more intentional
Now we own the darkness
Of our own depths
And the walls inside us never break

I was a wordsmith; you were an easel
Of same worlds with different hands
But I'd never bend to admire your skin
Now I own the sorrow
Of my own fall
And the walls between us never break

Thursday, June 14, 2012


My mistakes adore you
A blend of all my weakest traits
No dawn could control you
But subtly I did when I tried
And like a flawless gem
I pawned you for addiction
In a bathroom stall
These hours hold a sin
That I've reserved for you
If I cross your mind
In time I broke you
With measures of persistent lies
But one time to hold you
Took a decade of persistent nights
And like a flawless gem
I never really knew
How much I let go
These hours mold a man
Personifying sorrow
Like a broken hand
My mistakes adore you

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Two Tongues of Whiskey

We didn't need blackouts
To bury all of our dismay
Under a pile of today's dirty clothes
And make marks on each other
With rage and grace. We needed
Blackouts to be blind and feel
Our tongues make warmth of blues.

Archwood Duchess

I passed my wish into your lips
And burned your name behind my wrist
None of it was a gift
Stand back, let go and make me want you
Your hand won't know a better stunt to
Flip your heels in patterned waves
And break your heart until you crave
One real night beneath my rays
And I won't let you fall away
I'll keep your bruises mesmerized
By every little bed of lies
And yeah I still regret the time
I traded you for sex and Fries

What We Did with Awkward

I threw her away the second we met
This party dies and what pieces remain
Float two floors above us
And we were alone
So take this ride with me
I sewed your dreams alive forever
You made my awkward sexy
I made you fall off of your mountain
Until we saw 7am and an empty bottle
This is the way to contain
Blown off steam

Lucy in the Air

The wind that kept me by intrigue
The breeze that had too much patience
Last night I felt bad to make you feel so vacant
My Lucy in the sky I tried to make you mine
But the less of two evils made a willow weep
The wind that never left my back
The breeze that never would come back

Monday, June 11, 2012


From salt water to a trampoline
Her skin never seemed to miss a thing
And my eyes were fixated
On every inch of her.
Her tone when she spoke
Felt like sex on someone else's front porch
And I followed that for days.
From French creeks to dead schools
And speedways to her room
Always ready to get a little loud
And get a lot of high.
She was queen in nobody's mind
But mine and I was off limits
For at least a few minutes
Until she smelled the wind
Of a best friend's errors
Like I smelled the air of her best kept secret
And we made a new one. She knew I'd keep it
Shouldn't I feel alive
We never really tried
But we did more than sleep that night.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


The youngest of two 
and twice as gorgeous as her sister, 
she was the first time 
I ever had breakfast for dinner. 
Lets kick it and watch a movie; 
my favorite phrase of those days 
because it always meant: 
let's see what happens when we're alone tonight. 
An empty bottle of stolen wine 
put her mouth all over mine 
and our mouths carried on 
into southern constellations. 
"I can be your superman" 
played on repeat while we shuffled 
under a pointless Browns sheet 
on the basement love-seat. 
With the lights out, her body was a shadow 
on mine strobing to the silent scenes 
of Rat Race in the background. 
Every movement felt like a steampunk dream 
of intensity because we were reckless teens 
with one square to share 
after we made a messy story 
worth telling every one of our friends 
at school the next day. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012


I promise this is personal
You want a martyr and I'm your man
I never swore to be more
Than a one night stand
I'm the devil when I sin
But I'm a slave when I bend
So here's to whiskey
And a risky friday night
Where you wished we weren't so pissy
And we turned off every light
To hide the scars your choices wrote like songs
But secrets shown in streetlights turn my demons on
I'd blow my fucking brains out
If the colors matched your dress
And spill my guts a thousand times
If it'd help you get some rest
I lost myself between the seams of sweat we made
Let out your screams you're killing me in a good way
I'll only survive in the morning without you by my side
You thought we'd fuck and be together
Still you're not surprised
You want a piece of my mind
Reciting words I never meant to write
One night is the extent of my gravity
I never swore to be more than ordinary

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Her Name was Jackie Lynn

That girl was a rough in the diamonds 
with a past like mine. We each had 
half an addict's mind 
and a liver like tempered glass. 
She was beautifully marred and scarred 
in patterns like mine, 
caused by overdoses of love- 
200 proof. I drank love straight, 
straight from the bottle 
and unlike me she mixed hers 
with ignorance to mask the burn. 
I wanted to love her. I had 
everything she needed; more 
passion than she could handle 
but I had that for any girl. If any girl 
ever wanted it, but she wanted me 
demon free and my demons, to me,  
are too perfect to leave.

Gun Shy Sunrise

Biting onto a fringe of lunacy 
and eating a servant's heart 
I kicked out a dozen chairs 
from under whispering demons. 
I was married to the wicked 
in front of a gun shy sunrise. 
Windows watched and widows broke 
in bathing silhouettes when the wedding 
bells yelled and it only sounded 
like a tribal chant of burn everything 
and bury everyone like I know.
Just like the ones before, I was me 
in partials like a boat in a pool. 

I Am In Her Rain

Embers glow over
In eminent faces
As flames die like moths
Waiting for the dew
And I am in her rain

The masochist; the heat
Falls harder than
The heaviness of
Terminal velocity
And I am in her rain

So many lies bleed
Like dead snakes
In the turmoil of
A desperate blade
And I am in her rain

Hypocrisy cripples
Unknowing falsettos
Roving through graves
Like gold blasphemy
And I am in her rain

I self destruct under
Failing waterfalls of
Thousands of stars
Play violent holes in the sky
And I am in her rain

Are You Honest?

If I say no,
that would begin
a bit of a conundrum.
How would one know
if I answered the question
honestly if I'm not honest.
If i was not honest
and said no, I would then
be honest but had given
a dishonest answer
causing me to be
honestly dishonest;
oxymoron. I'll just say yes
to dissuade any confusion
and maintain my honesty.


The ability 
to make life 
makes life 
The ability 
to take life 
makes life