Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ayelet Raziel: The Passenger IV

Under pathless suns sleep brought no day
but to frailties unwoven. I was abrasive
like black diphtheria dancing in deaf tones
mimicking glass murderers and terracotta demons.
My tongue was a bridge burned down 
by trespasses and the sad inequities of despair. 
White chances sprinkled on mirrors so I could see
my pathetic excuse of a reflection dying back at me.
I wished fatalities on myself but not by any foe
except for the greatest foe to ever blend into normality- myself.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012

On My Frailties Lie Frail and Naked Spies

The glow of pitty's flesh so oft is wise 
That merit blinks in stride beneath its qualm
And men deny the ink that boasts their lies
With silent coins that clink from palm to palm.
Of guilt and I how fair a hallow'd case,
Distill'd in potion's necessary burn,
Would weigh such gilded dust upon my face
To heal the injur'd lessons I must learn.
The worst of all my acts though aren't of touch
Nor scent nor taste nor any mortal sense;
Truth divine would say it not as much.
Conceit of choice divides my deaf repents
Would I repulse such fainted lines to jest?
Or sink beneath the quarrel of a breast?

Friday, May 4, 2012

Ayelet Raziel: The Passenger III

Ayelet Raziel: The Passenger III

Like May in June
I gave my heart to wolves
but prior to the ground
the sun called me human. No,
I'm a maniac on a divine path
time traveling through wine stains
screaming at shrouded shadows
"Over my dead body!"
like it's never been a possibility.
But death has a kind face;
the kind of face you buy a drink
and share time with.I shared everything
but innocent evasions and found
Babylonian keys in caution.
My dreams secreted secret shepherds
in a stir of traffic signs
that only failed to dissipate
in a discordant chord of vacant melody.
Deaf in the dark wood of error and misery
I armed myself against sanity
to break futures from leashes that
drag dead dogs down dirt roads.
I'll take aim against exotic novelties
of marketed treasure and waste the
romantic tyrants in a disco flurry
of bullet dances until they're dead
like May in June.

A Three Piece Suit of Convolution

With slope
we convict rope,
of nude neckties like soap
cleansing exact revenge, and cope
with hope.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Pre Determined Desperation

I've got a grudge against ghosts 
now. I want to burn them 
all down, myself and I, like 
infected bridges full of work. 
But even angels face a judgement
and demons get reimbursed.
There's shade to fade 
and I will crave a castle 
made of dirt. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Love and Other Impossibilities IV

I begged the moon to slow down
A fire builds its flames
I begged her not to go now
A fire wilts in shame
Lonely devices
Distractions of yesterday
The only reprise is
I'm not alone today
Welcome horns and halos
A fire eats the shade
Welcome memories eight fold
A fire meets the rain
Obvious treasures
The death of a king and queen
Oblivious pleasures
In taking the scene
I begged the moon to slow down
I begged her not to go