Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bow Street Romance

Between pretty women
and dirty thoughts, black
is a dark shade of white.
I forgot how to write
like me. I sleep
when the day finally breaks
me down. No sounds;
a defenseless communication.
I know promises broken like mirrors
and I know the way of the wallow.
But a bit of whiskey
on the tongue changes views,
a bit more changes thoughts
and too much changes you.
Between pretty women
and dirty thoughts
my woman tonight undresses
the desperation
from the bottom of my bottle.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Love and Other Impossibilities

If I fell in love with you,
cities would sink.
Plants would think and stars
would turn away. If I fell in love
with you, planets would implode.
Diamonds would erode and words
would be easy to say. If I fell
in love with you,
there'd be no more
drugs, chocolate
would be poisonous
and television would be good.
If I fell in love with you
truths would be self evident,
freedom would be free
and people might like me.
If I fell in love with you
I'd fall in love again
And we both know
that's impossible

Salvador Desert XIII - Irony

Luck is far
sparser than water
and food barely exists
in my dreams.
A small moment
of sincerity keeps
me from barking
at the sun,
and instead tilts
me to begging.
Begging to the
ironic rhythm 
of 'Come on, baby,
Light my fire.'

Salvador Desert XII - Deception

The wrinkled waves
of wet air and green
dreams tickle my eyes.
The depth of their extent
is impossible to gauge
but they look worthy
of time. Desperation
undecidedly covers
logical thought processes.
The waves I crave remain
far at bay no matter
how many miles I walk.
At least I'm still heading east.

Salvador Desert XI - Resolute

I can see the water drying;
I see my safety drying.
Shrinking and like most things,
it was disappointing.
By next morning I'll be
on my way looking
for another meeting
with a savior and not
a hallucination but rather
a clear definition of life.
I took one last moment
to look at myself;
I finally admired the man I saw.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Salvador Desert X - Reflection

Most people can't grasp
the idea of a desert
being forged of wires
but it's true. The concept
of living becomes
an impossible balance,
constantly falling, gripping
the coiled steel
with every last measurement
of energy. The wires burn
and dare you to let go,
to give in. And each time
you slip, you begin
to abandon everything
and everyone
you've ever loved.
So say the souls
that suffer here.

Salvador Desert IX - Encroachment

The sun begins
it's high dive
flushing everything
with rust. The moon's
been peaking down
waiting for it's time
to dominate the ground
with an incandescent fist.
Silver shaded blues
seep from nowhere calling
shadows to flirt with me.
Dim the tree glows,
embellished with a crawling
skin in the jealous
traded winds. I lay
in the lowest canopy;
the strain threatens me
and coldness buries me alive.

Salvador Desert VIII - Nightfall

There's time to dream here
but no time for faith.
Faith makes a weak man
powerless. The sand saps gods
and fate from the souls
of the men it wishes to conquer
and replaces them with laws.
Laws that inceptually
distinguish life and death.
The first and most prominent
being to never beg for the moon.
A moon means darkness
and darkness brings wanton fascination
with demons of lesser codes.

Salvador Desert VII - Retribution

I now have water to last me
weeks but I know the rule of threes.
Three weeks without food.
Three days without water.
Three minutes without air.
I have shade and wood.
Heat and fire. A bed above
ground. I only need food now.
I pick insects off the bark
unaware of the possible strain.
I only need luck. I carved spears
from the branches of my
acacia. I watched lizards
skree across the local sand
to this tree for a break but they
would rather brave the heat
than share shade with me.
So I left, or it appeared so.
Waiting- to drop
from the branches
with a point to make clear.
And so I eat.

Salvador Desert VI - Minor Salvation

Waves crash
Into me

I am not sleeping
I am not dreaming

Fluid sinks
Into me

It is not salty
It is just sweaty

Water calls
"Into me!"

It does not flatter
It does not matter

River pool
Saving me

Salvador Desert V - Hallucination

I collapse and still hear
my feet kicking water.
My ears deceive me.
The sky spins like a movie reel
and the sand lifts into the air.
Grains twist and churn
forcing a wise face to speak.
The thunder of tongues
slices my thoughts and I
begin to bleed water.
The shaman figure laughs
at me, his eyes burning mine.
He tells me I am strong
but just as dead
as injured prey.
I do not die here.
He won't let it be so easy.

Salvador Desert IV - Desperation

My feet slosh
through the sand,
mocking the sounds
of ocean tides.
The wind spits
cool then hot
air at me.
I smell salt.
Just sweat. I see
nothing but bronze,
dead blues and watermarked
future graves. I now
understand why we
used to think
the world was flat
but I cannot find
an end to jump off of.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Salvador Desert III - Dreams

When I sleep
I don't truly sleep
though I do dream.
I know they're dreams
when I'm dreaming
when I'm 'sleeping'
when I'm swimming
over a salt forest reef.
White sand shores,
sangria winds,
bur oak coral and
Sweet dreams are made of these

Salvador Desert II

There's time to dream here.
There's a common sense of knowing
when and where the world
ends. I mingle with the ghosts
of trees. I offer myself
to succubi and fight fire
not without burns. A jaundice
sea of desperation winces
at me with fatal glimpses
of freedom. My feelings burn
not without fire as the grains
glow in a mahogonizing sepia.
I'll argue with God until
the sun becomes silent
and then I'll curse at the Devil.

Salvador Desert I

The torment my feet bear
is no longer numbing. The sun
walks by slower than I
and only smiles wide.
I should say suns since I swear
there's more than one. No single
heat this heavy could bring
white Christmases to Cleveland.
My sweat has been mixing old
with fresh for days so now
the taste is in the smell
and the smell would make me vomit
if my pores hadn't taken the chore.
There's no distance here.
It's Purgatoria
but I'm no Dante, just
a soul I wish he'd save.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Kiss That Ruins You

Original Picture by Unknown

You've got to know, that I'll burn you down
After I build you miles above the ground
There ain't a single piece of my heart to save
So baby for your own good just run away

I don't fear the energetic tones, I fear the ones that cry
My tears may not be permanent but my sorrows never die
I learned the way that lovers do, of pleasure and of lies
I know the kiss that ruins you and why
It always coincides

I've got no shame, I like rhymes and rain
I love the way I look when I'm insane
I don't need a thrill, I don't need no drugs
The carcinogens on my tongue are enough

Don't give someone your heart if you can't even take the break
I know you want me, honey, but I'll be your worst mistake
I'll ravage your whole world and watch you stumble out the room
But don't cry and say I didn't tell the truth,
My kiss will ruin you

You ask why I'm here, if I'm so damn bad
And why I warned you when you never asked
You think it's a plan, but what you know
Ain't even half as bad as what you don't

I'm picky, I'm not cocky, I don't say this shit to boast
The ones that come back anyway, deserve my hell the most
I scream and write my words in blood, that's just what I do
But I promise by tomorrow you will too,
My kiss will ruin you

Loneliness to the Melodies of Fire

The snare of wood splitting
runs courses through my ears
followed seldomly by the crash
of embers dissipating.
The rhythm feels good
and the funky pine riffs kick
and smell nostalgic
to the point I don't feel alone.
I'm not alone until
the tempo slows
and the glow softens
with a silence haunting the ending
and my loneliness
is refreshed by the vibrato
of the last ember dying
alone in the air with me.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Something To Be Said For

I cried showers
Just to see a rainbow,
But all I ever saw
Were halos and gray tones
I'm like a coast
wearing thin in the wind
of every controlled exhale.
I am a coast
of grainy experience,
speed schemes and mean dreams.
I hold pebbles and broken shells
on display like I've discovered
their beauty; their art.
I'm not a coast
with umbrella drinks
and smiling melodies.
My sand isn't clean
but it's warm
when shadows cool
every other shore.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Finding Horizontal Tendencies

What curious things
To me.
I know of battle;
The great war within.
It drags on with fire;
Drags on with ceased fires.
I fail on repeat but never fear
Nor feel the failures.
I cannot change the world,
I can only change mine.
Change pleasantries
to familiarities,
Renew every scene,
Remove every seam
That encloses me.

Speech in Tongues

Incredible luck
Their robes were made of power
We moved like an ocean
We were an ocean

Carrying horses
Their manes were made of balance
We flew like satellites
We were satellites

Begging life
It's worth more alive
We burned like witches
We were heretic

Sunday, March 4, 2012

For the Woman I Almost Loved

Original Picture by Emmcy @

I thought I purged you from my mind
And made amends with every plot
To force you into my arms.
I thought I cleansed my desires,
Like a deviant turned saint,
To build from my hands to your skin.
But I still see the corner
That first displayed you
With intense precision
Aimed between my eyes.
I still see the room we met in,
Older now; colder now.
I still have the jacket
That caused the slightest intimacy;
That begged you start a conversation.
I still regret the plan that worked
And gave me a chance,
Through luck and a fake marriage,
To make savior of my arms.
And I regret that night after the movies
That pulled you on and off your toes
Eyes closed, intensely relaxed
To fall and here I am now in love
Regretting not my current love
But that I stranded you
On a famines mountain top
In my jacket with thirsty lips.
My body's still shaking
My passion perpetual
My sorrows still sorry
And here I am asleep
And even in my dreams
You're still not mine.

Beaches and Ecstasy

These grains of sand
Aren't beds to sex,
They're reminders
Of what life comes next.

These broken waves
Aren't each a fail,
They're reminders
Of how to prevail.

These fragrant rays
Aren't heaven-sent,
They're reminders
Of God- absent.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Of Corsets and Horror

Food quenched hunger
And became hungry
Whiskey quenched thirst
And became sorry
Love quenched heartache
And became heartache
Music quenched sadness
And became sad
So I only drink
From the bottom
Of my heart

While Reading the Works of a Lovelorn Poet

Feel, for they fade;
Feel the desperate ink
And the passion's fingers.
The pain in the strokes
And the forsaken melody.

Feel, for they fade;
In and out of certainty
Scratching along as unwelcome.
As if fires should pasteurize
And stir along shadows
          And detoxify life.

Feel, for they fade;
And yet, they stay
Dead and alive.
Just feel
And in you
They fade.


I waste away
like empty cans
into a fire.

I fall in love
with everything
around me.

I taste the day
like rain and wind
from off the wire.

I fall in love
and love, in turn,
surrounds me.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Standing in the Way

Here I am with
The silence of a wall
Without a fly
With eyes like ice cubes in sand
And the fragrance of a gavel
My only plea
Is a sway with your direction
I'm concrete
At first
But melting under
The heat of the moment
I drain to your feet
Where the cold air rests
Once it dies off of your tongue
As I beg you to stay
And you'd beg me the same
But my feet are nailed
To the tile under the door

A Nine Mile Stretch of Heavy Glow

Smiles stammer 
like fireworks in the rain
There's a breeze 
of mixed emotions 
neutral in power 
but radical in tastes 
waiting to bond in the space 
of excitement for tomorrows
The wind never wept 
just swept the tears away
so I can get a grip
on the road

Pray it All Away

Hands rests 
where shame 
would seek shelter 
like snakes 
from a desert sun 
Wicker children 
make merriment 
of tragedy 
and laugh 
at Mary Baker Eddy 
The songs 
of sleep 
have their own convictions 
there's no difference
between us

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hard to Leave, Until You Leave

Don't go away
Break into my heart and stay inside
You know the game
The one I refuse to play this time
Get out the way
It's all that you care to say to me
Don't be afraid
When I start to shake you please
Don't be afraid

I know you've only seen the likes
Of us when we break down and fight
Like we should
There will be blood
I know you've never seen the lights
Of us when we make love at night
Like we could
But there's always blood
To spare

You know what to say
To break in my heart and stay inside
Your yesterdays
Come out and set ablaze my mind
Stand in the way
Is all I can think to save this time
Don't be afraid
I know what you think, it's fine
Don't be afraid

I know you've only seen the lies
Of bottled promises and cries
Like we'd make
There's always hate
I know you've never seen the night
For so long sunlight takes your sight
Like I have
When I had you back

Just go away
Break my heart until I say I'm done
My last mistake
To stand in your way, I'll let you run
Don't be afraid

Sidetrack the Bullets

I question me I question you
Nobody seems to know the truth
Just stay away from the thoughts you carry
Stay away from everything you claim
This pressure builds of precious lights
You can call me anything you like
Just don't call me ordinary
Don't call me someone else's name

When we run from
Cover to cover
Lover to lover
Our skin still wet
Our hearts still sore
Sidetrack the bullets
Break the shore
Show me just what you're holding out for

Now take a look at what you've left
Nobody seems to know what's best
For us and all of the problems we've carried
All of the probable cause
This chasm builds of broken tongues
You can tell me anything you want
Justify the accidents you've buried
Just defy everyone you've lost

And run from
Lover to lover
Cover to cover
Your heart still wet
Your skin still sore
Sidetrack the bullets
Beg for more
Give in to what you're holding out for

Fall to me
Over and over
Shoulder to shoulder
Your face still wet
Your eyes still sore
Give back the bullets
Break the door
Let go of what you're holding out for