Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Not a wing 
Nor whim 
Of white in sight
No gold 
Nor god
To save and smite
No vibrance
No saints
No future
No flight
Just time to think
And time to write

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dangerous are the Verses

Dangerous are the verses
Misconstrued by a fervent person
Uncertain but still asserted with fervid purpose
And every new version
Is either aversion or diversion
But still rooted in perversion
Yelling "TERRORIST!" at Persians
Calling Muslims insurgents
Using bombs as deterrents
Throwing pay-cuts at nurses
Stealing taxes from purses
Selling sick people hearses
Instead of giving insurance
Death comes naturally
It doesn't need any merchants
But that person with verses
Asserted with purpose
Has worked his whole life
Towards controlling the earth it's not perfect nor worth it
Because not every soul is available for purchase.
Not every mind will play along and rehearse this
Not every child feels like shit when he curses
Not every sinner sees life just as worthless as he does.

Dry Flask Rant II

Broken is the poet without meter?
Like a song without singers
A bong without reefer
A phone without ringers
A hand without fingers
A poet without meter
Is like the Yankees without Jeter
Doug without Skeeter
Family Guy without Peter
A poet without meter is
A pen without ink
A chain without links
A piece of shit
Without stink
So maybe that's not so bad after all

In Flagrante Delicto

Her eyes can make an ocean pant and boil
Her lips can force the clouds into a haze
Her heart can hold a flame better than oil
Her breath can leave me in a centric daze

Her body moves as sinuous as sin
Her taste is reminiscent of a god's
Her moan's a siren to the ears of men
Her touch, though, can defy both laws and odds

And even though I testify these truths
She never fully sees them in the glass
Reflections of her past will soon consume
And challenge every drop of love to last

Some call it a chemical imbalance
But what's a victory without the challenge?

Friday, February 24, 2012

The SPD Chronicles II

I have no mouth and I must scream
I wished it all a vibrant dream
I'm poring over broken skin
As demons rip me seam from seam

I'd beg for help but as it seems
I have no mouth and I must scream
Let he who is with every sin
Be cauterized to death with steam

My heartbeat slows and stops. Just then
A surge of death comes rushing in
I have no mouth and I must scream
If I'm to ever live again

My room becomes the latest scene
As I wake from this violent dream
Though truthfully it never ends
I have no mouth and I must scream

The Tease

I gave my heart to many girls
Too many gave it back
It isn't true if I tell you
They didn't leave a crack
They broke me down like cigarettes
Forgotten in their pockets
And did their part, pulled out my heart
Laughing as they dropped it

Yes it's true
I seem to swallow pain
I laugh it off
Because it's all a game
I torture myself
Before each day is done
Because quick and painless
Is never fun

I gave my tears to avenues
And shady motel lights
Dug a ditch next to my bitch
So she could stay the night
Soiled doves danced from their hips
Our pockets intertwined
I begged my lord to give me more
Of that flesh of flesh and wine

I gave my trust to many lies
Too many to be named
I traded time for peace of mind
But my heroes never came
I bartered with some demons
And bedded with some more
Begged for thieves to give me keys
To open up my doors

Yes it's true
I fall in love with pain
Like open wounds
Long for the blood to rain
I torture myself
Before each fray is won
Because quick and painless
Is never fun

I gave my life to paper gods
Too many left for dead
Sold my soul for graves of gold
And blisters in my head
I gave away my pain five fold
There's vengeance in my lips
Blurred my eyes, said my goodbyes
And gave myself a kiss

Dragoste în Ţara Românească

Dragoste în Ţara Românească

We fade like embers to the dirt
We build webs of skin and treasure
We break our flames until we're burnt
By devastation and pleasure

We fight the sunrise just before
We fade like embers to the dirt
We live forever sometimes more
But never love, we only hurt

We move like blood; we flow and spurt
We walk and live in shadowed dust
We fade like embers to the dirt
Entrenched by neverending lust

Of what we are, here's what we know
We only hunt the kings of earth
We wait for death to come and go
We fade like embers to the dirt

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Eyes of a Poet

the forest
for the seas

the ocean
for the trees

the flurries
for the sand

the poet
for the hand

the sidewalk 
for the sun

the tragic
for the fun

the bruises
for the love

the bruises 
for the love

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dear Veronika

Each angel carries demons of it's own
Each demon has a heart beneath it's shell
Each person crying out their soul alone
Is blessed to never know a lover's hell

Each passerby you meet is telling lies
Each avenue you take will surely bend
Each second lasts a minute in your eyes
And hours seem to never fucking end

Each night you sleep alone is still a gift
Each drop of blood is not a proper cure
Each aggravation etched upon your wrists
Is not a work of art nor holds allure

So crash and burn or laugh and learn in stride
But don't you think you'll miss me once you've died?

Speed Sonnet: 04:24:13


I've never dreamed of seeing brighter days
But rather I envisioned darker rain
To dance between the crash of violent waves
And kiss the sacred art of feeling pain.

I've never dreamed of rebuilding a bridge
But rather I had longed for cutting ties
To dance between a bullet on the edge
And kiss the heat of death between the eyes.

I've never dreamed of loving you again
But rather I can't sleep when I'm alone.
To keep myself in line behind my sins,
I'll kiss you once your just of dirt and bone.

However cruel you find my words to pass
You left me first so I have left you last

Speed Sonnet: 06:43:45

судный день

Tonight I balance on a weathered roof
Between the slitted eyes of soviet kings
That only wish to see me dead as proof
Of fire's eponymous rule over wings
They shake the shadowed hands of secret's doubt
And offer me the solace of a flask.
I curse their blood as they begin to tout
The hand of god and fit me with a mask.
I surely give a laugh to cause a qualm
And bury every fear, I hold, in them
In order to ignite my inner calm
Collected mood. I hold no regrets within.
Hollow, I prepare to lick the sun
And meet my maker once my shift is done.

Speed Sonnet: 08:47:34

Friday, February 10, 2012

Darkness nor Depth Would Seem to Require Fear to Weep

All is ash when light shines through
Spreading difference
As shadowless shades move
From any other world
Dressed in blight
And I am the kingdom
Burned under backlights
The emptiness will haunt you
The darkest darks subside
Your pulse becomes soundtrack
To all that you hide
There are skeletons in the closets
Monsters under the beds
Ghosts within the mirrors
Voices inside my head
There is no argument
They all rest beside us
We walk hand in hand
With plagues that divide us
But when ash mimics snow
And gray becomes gold
Open your mind
But keep your eyes closed

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Step up to the window
Drop your guns on the table
Lay your lips on my ear lobes
And scream my name
I'd give you my life
If only you'd take it
I'd give you my word
If I wouldn't break it
Now aren't we having fun
Turning fractal thoughts into one
The wind sings secrets won
Let everyone else dream
If you give me tonight
I'll take it
If you give me your body
I'll make it

By Some Mortal Stroke

These hallways tremble loud
My feet deceive the ground
Protraction in your touch
Let's find a place to drown
You taunt the corners of my mind
But that's fine
You want more than a piece of me
And that's fine

Filthy sheets for filthy love
Dig your heels into the dirt
Paint your hurt all over me
Until you can't breathe

Keep your eyes on the floor
Your voice beyond the door
Contraction in your clutch
We make our love like war
You flood the colors of my eyes
But that's fine
You need to sacrifice me
And that's fine

I know you better
Than my judgement showed you
I know you wake up
In the middle of the night
Missing him underneath
Your makeup


The taste of blood
Grazes the back
Of you tongue
Coating my throat
Impossible justice
We swell our hearts
You dress as blight
I am the kingdom
Pitiful words break
From our jaws
Breaking our flaws
You take breath from me
I vow to kick
That punching bag
Out of your throat
You dress in translucent
Your body is strapped
To a gun
Eyes red like staring
At the sun
Eyes red like brake lights
Stopping at delights
Until your tone
Becomes atoned
We go together
Water and stone

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

And So I Wage Against Truth's Tears

In the time that you've been gone
I've forgotten how to argue
and remembered how to love

In the time you've been gone
I've abandoned jealousy
and rediscovered confidence

In the time that you've been gone
I've forgotten how to scream
and remembered how to sing

In the time that you've been gone
I've abandoned crossing bridges
and rediscovered balance

In the time that you've been gone
I've forgotten how to fight
and remembered how to write

In the time that you've been gone
I've abandoned you in turn
and rediscovered me.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I wish I could tell you
You torment me
And that I'm not numb
to your name

I wish I could tell you
It hurts like hell
And that I can't live
Without you

I wish I could tell you
I'm so alone
And that I'll never
Love again

I wish I could tell you
I'm so sorry
And that I wished not
To hurt you

I wish I could tell you
I'm a lush now
And that I drink from
The bottom
Of my heart

Allergic Reaction

I just want to stab you
To see what it's like
To hold another person's life
In the sweat of my hand
I want to know if I can stomach
The pain and shock
I want to hear you beg
So I can smile at you
Before I break skin.
I want to be ready
To save your life.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Enraptured By Hostility So Deadly

My love,
So poised in plague,
Damned by the rest
Of what's left of this world.
I crave her sight
As badly as she craves my flesh
But she is forced to settle
For the taste of glass.
Try to comprehend, she tortures me.
She drowns me in sorrows of
Love lost but in sight
Like an ex at a party
All over her new lover.
And though hope is a myth
I hold it with the care
And tenacity of a man
Holding his last breath
For a moment of redemption.
Death does not do us part
When death is another life.

The Breaking of so Great a Thing Should Make a Greater Crack

She lied
Under him and into me
On top of others. 
She faked
Longer than a year
More often than once. 
She screamed
Louder than for pain
To conceal bad habits. 
She left
Quicker than a summer
Turned cold in boreas. 
She changed
Drastic like a drop of water 
On a TV screen. 
She cried 
Softer than the otherside 
Sadness of ghosts. 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's Your Body Taking Over Me

I lost my power;
Shake the earth.
I own a coward's
Over broken cobblestones
I've got this flower,
Somehow feeling perfect
For that sour
Back and forth we go
As the hours
Inside, inside
While you were in love
With everything.

Ergo Fabula

A blind flash and immediate thunder
Wake me into my dream
As I'm desperately doing ninety past ninety.
Under an orange peel sky,
The rain pours in silvers and blacks
Balancing refuge and revolution
Like blood balances life and death.
I drift around the panicked skeleton of a radio tower
In what felt to be as slow as sweat forming and cooling
The tires stick tossing me up
Off of my seat in a minor yet noticeable way
A concrete building to my right
Yields in valor as if honored
To show me the new lay of the land once home
To my memories that now fog the sky
Like poached prey
Bleeding under the teeth of apocalypse.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Beautiful Alchemist

I do not pray you more than well
Though less would be of heart to tell.
The truth and I be not exception,
But more a force, your lies to quell.

For all that is of you to move
Transforms your heart to hollow groove
And wains your tongue of sweet deception
Destroying all you've left to prove.

But lies will yield unto your hate
The moment you excogitate
A way to twist the tide's direction
Replacing faults with myths of fate.

Though you may see the sight as won,
A man so fooled, I'm not the one.

Secondhand Sand

Given months, years pass
The cleaning is never finished
Brake lights confuse
A mind isolated with death
Amends to mend yarn bridges
Tears to douse crossing flames
Prayer becomes the cure
A positive patsy for luck
Motions set in ink
Stones chosen wisely
Embrace for the hour
Tucked away under
Dreams and borrowed time

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lips Like Thujone

No facts nor fictions here
Those cracked receptions clear
A torrent alteration made
Abhorrent stagnation swayed
No replication near
Slow indications sear
Progressive inception runs
The best of inventions; suns
No pollination needed
All deep sensations seeded

Whispers in the Pond

A flavorless paradox
Flirtatiously bending
Slowing the bullet
With two way mirror silhouettes
Spirits only gaze
Envious or pleased
Beautiful mood swings
Of undying conviction
Blared with deceptive bouquets
Sound becomes light
Creating new views
None for the visitors