Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Drag Melody

The prickle repents
A simple engine
Flawless crescendo
Dirty divinity
The march of incense
A mental business
Loveless addiction
Deviled affinity


218 mailboxes
Exactly the same
White with grey
For 218 homes
In eight different models
A society of image
Built within a society of change
The conservative cannibal city

Message in a Bottle

Mystery in lightweight symmetry
Dangling above
Floating below
I question your master
I challenge him too
But you crave eyes
Like a teenage girl
And I can't help but give you
Everything you want

Highway Fuckery

Justifying avarice
With wires under smoke
A piece of plated puzzles
Burns the lining of the throat
It's impossible in no ones eyes but mine.
I learned to whisper when I walk
And close my eyes to light
I grew to distance everything that I was taught.
There's a graceful way to dance
And a grateful way to die
But a misstep foils both together


I'm yours unfortunately
To cry inside in front of
Lust and mirrors
I know you're an actress
Playing three roles a day
The mother
The father
But tonight
You're my tiny heart
Shake the night away

Monday, January 30, 2012

Mercy 404

There hangs a light that runs through many veils
And never turns nor stops to catch the air.
The tombstones underneath it tell of tales
Before their beds of brittle grass were there.

There lies a light; A beam within the dark
That catches eyes of wanderers who pass
This wretched cemetery, never art
Unless a poet's poems ever-last.

There falls a light through lesions of my heart
That stresses ties like corset blended pain.
No fear of what's to come but of the parts
Of past mistakes that grind against my grain.

A light is less a lover than a friend
Until the time has come to face an end.

That Magical Word of War

This land is torn between the foes of love,
Forsaken dreams and residue that teems
With secrets formed by desecrating doves
Of worlds we failed to save without redeem.

In blood the victors write about the past,
The moments glazed with fine exaggeration;
Dividing odds, divining fate with cast.
To build a better patriot of nation.

These hollow hills, now staked will burn cherished.
The freedoms ring from sea mist to the ear.
Repentance knows no tongue for those who've perished
Protecting truths denied to wattle fear.

Neoterisms lay upon our dirts
While lies are printed boldly on our shirts.


Like months
The most beautiful ones
Get cold and end in embers.

A Veteran of Love and War

I walk this world
By will of the gods.
I breathe and I fight because of them.
And yet they grow jealous
Not of my sword
Or the souls I've returned to them.
No, they envy my heart
For my love is fierce
My blood is pure
My time is short
And of these I am fully aware.
Just as they, I am no stranger to war
But unlike these spectators,
Who thrive on mortal pain,
I am no stranger to love and life.
The strings of my heart
Grow as patiently as the poppy
And when handled correctly
Inebriates all that it touches just as well.
So as it is I may walk,
I may breathe and I may fight
By will of the gods
But I live
I love and I die
Only by the will of my heart.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cacoethes Scribendi

Is it that I feel this part in me
Is it that I heed this heart's envy
Do I write for death an epilogue 
Or write for life a gaily ending
Was it I who sought the pen to sing
Was it pen who wished my words to bring
Do I write for verse a deft prologue 
Or write for prose a pale for cast 
Will I forsake linguistic's past
Will I invent it time to last
Do I write of man with depth in song
Or write of I in depths of wrong

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tequila Tears for a Broken Heart

Kicking Carolina dust
Into winds that speak of her
One more drink won't kill me
One more drink won't be enough
To kick Carolina dreams
Into winds that know of her

Drinking Carolina truths
Under stars that speak of me
One more time might kill me
One more time can't be enough
To drink Carolina away
Under stars that bury me

I Love You, However

Yesterday's heat lingering
Long enough to kiss
Under blood lit plaster
Blanketing basic human needs
That outlast trivial pursuits
Where women with neon tans
Breathe life into serrated hearts
Darkness glows unwilling
Personified and illustrious
Beauty needs an animal to breathe
Everyone has a price
At least they're upfront

And This I Know

Having your heart ripped out is a miracle 
compared to having it left inside 
to rot and wither in the grave 
that becomes your body. 
A body stained and tattooed 
with irreversible question marks. 
And while your tongue and breath 
may subside the tears for moments 
of minutes to days, still they fall somewhere 
from a place forged by a tragedy 
your eyes have never seen.

Bleeding Little Blue Boy

Blured memory needless
Kindness for kindness
Insecurity masked by insisting
Praying pessimism
Clinging to illusions of the past
An alpha in his own mind
Truly desperate for menial victories
Failure makes a man of cards collapse

Monday, January 23, 2012

Acoustics for the Sun

You dreamt to be a star
But where did you go
Once it got dark
Pushed by the girl
With a lover's face
You disappear
She is your trace
But you had a dream
You had to dream

Don't ever forget what you wanted
This life now is so underfunded
But you can't return
What you can't stomach

You needed to be a star
But where did you go
Without your heart
Pushed by the guy
With a perfect smile
You ran away
For a little while
You had everything
You once had me

Don't ever regret what you're ashamed of
Scream my name whenever you make love
But you can't get back
What you gave up

Domestic Disturbance

In the concrete desert
Distress travels distant
Voices find ears
Welcomed mistakenly
This is the music
Children in counseling run from

The Fitness of Memory

Don't treat me
Like I was to blame
We fight the cold
With alcohol
They do the same

Within our pressured lights
We raise our glasses
Just standing in the fight
I can't help kiss the rain
The makers sing tonight
We stain our mattress
Just barely out of sight
I can't help this remain

Just treat like you never knew
You never knew my name
We fight the cold
With more cold
And with morse code
We drown in vain

These pressures hold you tight
Against my heartbeat
Less standing up for right
Let's just make more love
Until feathers feel contrite
Against our curled feet
And if we sing we might
Just make one more love
Before you go, love.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Four Wheels and Hormones

I know you, I know your lips
The way they shake with every word
Your tongue may be that of an actress's 
But honey, I'm not convinced

Shame me, shame on you
Blame me, but I'm no fool

If I did still love you
Would you react the same
Laying next to me
Whispering his name. 

I love you, I love your lies
The way they smell and dance like smoke
Your heart may belong to another
But your body is mine tonight

If I didn't love you
Would you react the same
Riding on top of me
Choking on my name

Shame you, shame on me
Blame you for everything

A Match Made in Sky Bar

The scent of triple sec
And cheap lingerie
Fighting chills off balance
That desperate little dance
Room temperature beer
On the hike of her dress
Walking with strangers
Confidence and compromise 
Missed kisses and wet necks
Getting colder. See the bad breath
She wants to feel loved
I want to feel love


One hundred long
Twenty strong
Cool peppermint so smooth
Powdered by flame
Stained brown repulsive
Until technicolor was never invented
Grayscale truths and waste
True as any lie
Growing in size
Breaking in strength
Until the veil remains
Tossed into the wind
One more song and dance
It's just so addictive


Neutral stretch marks
On old neutral flesh
Vascular and abridged
Vacant hunting grounds
Forgotten traps
Ancient ruins cornered
In drought and chill
Gentle to the eyes
Fluffy ornaments of withered whites
Knock it down already

Friday, January 20, 2012

"Welcome to the Vanity Faire"

"Cold (But I'm Still Here)" "In a Red Dress and Alone"
"Feeling Sorry" but "Am I Wrong" for "Screaming"
in the "Vicinity of Obscenity" all of "The Quiet Things
No One Knows"? "Eclipsed" "On My Own" I "Quote"
the "Dark That Follows" "In My Time of Dying".
"You Fight Me", "Follow Me", "So Cold" and "Hopeless".
With "Simple Design" I'll be "Tilting the Hourglass"
in "A Forbidden Dance" "Hand in Hand with the Damned"
on "The Dark Wood of Error" "Beyond the Sacred Glass"
to a "Lullaby of the Crucified" until "Makeup Smeared Eyes" 
become "A Gilded Masquerade" of "Blood Sugar Sex Magic".
"And Now For The Final Illusion"
"I Didn't Say I was Powerful, I said I was a Wizard"
and "Those Who Slay Together, Stay Together"
with a "Bulletproof Love" and "Notes in Constellations" 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Obvious Tribulations Are No Such Hindrance

Our devils don't match
Our hymns won't blend
A dark that follows
Inaccessible yet inseparable
Our suns, estranged
Our trials, uncommon
A mark that follows
Indifferent yet incompetent
Our blood will oppose
Our blood will impose
A bark that follows
Inevitable yet incredible

Lies II

To bury, torch and chain a heart.
To blind the eye with perfect charm
To bottle fuel that marries sparks
To brandish such unholy arms
To glow an aura dampened black
To grow a horror tinted gold
To groan between the heat of backs
To tell the truth tomorrow though

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Inevitable Footsteps

For me a lovely death
Would be to give a mountain
Just to taste relapse.

Unseen, I may have wept
Beneath the shaded styles
Of her tongue and breath

She said, she'd walk away
I should have known right then
She would walk away


To bend the tongue with baneful breath
To shade the steps so sunk in sand
To lure a love to languid lengths
To paint and pierce with pale and pain
To conjure careful little cues
To know the night is never noon
To tell the truth tomorrow though
To tell the truth tomorrow though

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

An Obstacle to Regret, Impossible to Forget

A missing photograph
I'll never get you back
Whether we could both forget each other
Whether we could both forget the past
The distance under covers
A memory left to wonder
I don't want to hurt you anymore
I don't want to hurt you when you love her.
Small in retrospect
I burned you through the chest
Love can tell me all I did was waste you
Love can show me everything I left
Your happy ever after
Is breaking me apart
How could I hold a single tear?
Regret is such a strong word
I'd rather never say
But given everything I know now
I'd still be here.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Another Winter in Northeast Ohio

Wind becomes intimate
with my skin.
I lust for covered women

My teeth chatter
syllables of just
The snow crunches
syllables, unwanted

My skin divorces
feeling wind.
I lust for covered women yet.

Closure for Those I've Pained

A caustic lover
Carcinogenic by choice
Incendiary by nature
A flame the poet begs to burn with
An architect of destruction
Building bridges for demolition
Dust of brick and mortar
But what's so good about picking up the pieces:
One day hearing, "I love you, rotten."

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Habibti

I needed and wanted her.
I lusted, loved and received them both
from between her knees this night
but it was only sexual in style and tension.
It felt better than orgasms and nightly satisfaction
It was fulfillment of a much higher degree
and all we did was speak to each other.
She laid flat on the bed
her back covering its terrible floral print comforter
exposing our motel whereabouts.
The back of her knees hugged the edge loosely
heels swaying in an illusion of slow motion
rarely brushing my ribs.
My knees were turning red
on the ground as I rested my head
between her thighs, right cheek up
so my crooked smile would dig
into the terrible fabric audibly.
Her voice seemed to suck my breath
as I admired the mystery that was her skin.
I said, "You're not going anywhere..."
just to get a rise out of her literally.
Literally enough to see her eyes.
They were all I'd ever seen of her
and I wanted tonight to make no exceptions.
She asserted that, yes, indeed she was going places;
my intentional linguistic misstep.
It threw her off just long enough to get a passionate response
that if deprived of sound I would still understand it
just by the creases of her brow and lids.
But the fix I required was her realization
and attraction to my distraction that caused
her left brow to rise mirroring mine and caused
a stunning Armageddon to pulverize every cell and vessel
willing my surrender because its silence meant
I’d have her forever.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Typical Voodoo Couple

Hate can be so beautiful
if love can be disgusting
Maybe you'll difference me
and make a future to look past
while forked tongues thread
into tangles of memory synapses
where noises bane an empty mind
Gouge out my corduroy button eyes
I'll unravel your smile
and shake the sky
A small claim to the stories we told
Remember me forever
This is only real to an end
and we were never sorry

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fell in Love with a Poet Streetwalker

Her beauty was a soft pelt
The featherless peacock sings
"Get under me and watch, see me fly.
Feel my wings waft air down into you
cooling and lifting you.
If you want to live in my world
you'll never know a pillow"
The moon and peacock burned a hole in my pocket.

Fighting Tears for Years

Break me into pieces love
I know I never needed love
I'm blinded by you from the inside
You stole my heart and my head cosigned.

I've got a new storm brewing
Follow the flames consuming
my dissertation
Of love, of love
and all that it was meant to be
because, because
it always burns in front of me

Love and gallows
of eyes and shadows.
Surprise, this battle
cannot be won.

Ponderance, My Dear Edison

In the same vain as the morning sunshine creeks
I'm weak watching every light go bleek
and blink as if they were trying to speak to me.
But what would they say? Are lights as poetic
as we make them seem or dull as clodded dirt?

Eyes on Behalf of Tongues

Within the darkness and the silence
Your smile's been my only brightness
Just so you know, the chemical in me is you
I need you bad; its a passion and a science

Behind the motions of these penstrokes
Lies a meaning, heartful, simple.
I always knew I could say these words someday
You knew it too, I could see it in your dimples

These eyes see you
Inside of you

I know it seems like we're moving pretty fast
I know it feels like we're moving really fast
Just trust your heart. I'm your future not your past.
I'll be the first to love you right and make it last.

I thought I'd never capture
I thought I'd never see the sun
I thought I'd never have her
I thought I'd never be the one

I only thought never, but she showed me now
I only thought better, and she showed me how.

An Empty Fifth to Match My Faith

I will pen these letters on satin in blood
and burn a cross in my heart
just to show you that it won't fall apart

Maybe I was just born evil
and love was never in my blood
But I know I lit your heart on fire
and burned you so good.

Maybe I'm just a fake
and my words are all in vain
But I know you lit my heart on fire
and unlocked me, insane.

My eyes and mirrors never got along
they always fall,
to the ground and shatter
in sad songs.

I only need you when you don't need me
I only want you when you never want to see me again

I Confess Unto Ink and Lingerie

I was killing myself slowly
because quick and painless was never fun.

and if you knew me personally,
you'd kill me metaphorically.

I've got a temper
You've got a temperature
I've got a problem
You've got a probable cause

So throw your casket frame
into my everlasting flame
and we'll burn like the stars
so bright and so far

The Flamingo Feather

Pearlescent angles
Flame mocking wisps
blend a fine edge
A poet's mental sidearm
Impurities in specks
lightly dusted
teasing the rachis
Gradient and radiant
with a dark side
to mend a fine age
Lonely now kept company
by gradual must
paper and dried ink

Hungover at Noon on Jeanelle's Doorstep

Regretful knocking
apologetic in tone
in tune with a sober touch
for inebriation
Metamorphosis of man
humbled becoming hollow
Zs through a keyhole
Blushed knuckles and metallic scents
Tears burn
with metallic sweat
Silence unapologetic
So is the sunlight

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

In the Arms of My Midnight Lover

Desperate dots
Hair that doesn't grow
in certain spots
Purposeful dreams
with purpose but without
purposeful seams
Spider bites, bruises,
allergic reactions to truth
A road-map of excuses

A Loveletter

August 28th
The answer hush
The day that saved us
Makeup smeared eyes of my goodbye
Trading cruel cruel places
Broken lights shine on us
Dancing in tragedy
The ashes of ghosts
My pen still smells like you too

Five Hour Holding

A bassinet of crimes
Stone floors glassed pale
reminiscent of dew frost
on porch steps
Privacy unknown

A 1984 oasis
frozen in fever's days
We are things here
They fit the shelves
I'm out of place

Monday, January 9, 2012

Remain I, Unrequited

If you're thinking of me,
don't think that I'll return the favor
because I won't be missing you.
Please don't plead.
It's just another indecency
I'll write for you to read.

Please keep chasing me
like your favorite drink.
The one you blame everything on.
If you can fall asleep
and get an honest wink
I can gurantee it wasn't next to me.

If you're waiting for me
don't think that I'll return the favor.
I won't be coming back to you.
Please don't plead.
It's just a flaw in your reasoning
I'll write for you to read.

Please keep chasing me
just like your favorite dream,
the one that you will never achieve.
And if you just can't sleep,
not even for a wink,
I guarantee it's not next to me.
Please keep chasing me.

The Sixteenth Sacrament

To be intimate with death is to balance 
fear and ecstasy, harmonious.
The silence of ending
is the music of life
devils coined notes for.
So dance tonight with tragic toes;
Your price has been paid.
But once you hear my stagnant tones
Your night becomes day.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Silent sex in rain;
conjuring offspring bred for
inflicting new pain.


Moonlight is sculpture,
Eat the holy and capture

Or Your Money Back II

I'll show your body true love and real appreciation
Take my time and spell it out, no abbreviations
I'm the one that niggas always seem to put their hate in
When a girl's missin me more than the one she's datin
I'll kiss you everywhere, give you that love I'm makin
My number one fan, I'll be your number one patron
He looks real? He's fakin. A mirage in the dark
If he's a sight to see I'm an illusion to your heart
I'm never sittin on the bench, I forever start
I'm a wildfire baby, you can be my spark
I've got a lot to offer, in so many ways
and I cut like a barber, but I won't let you fade

Groază: The Lost Macabre Serenade

Tranquility in a makeshift guillotine
This is the part where they scream.
No, I've severed their vocal chords
and reattached them to their assholes.
Lets have a bit of fun today
T.G.I. fucking friday.
Back to back to back
I made a triangle of
cruel and unusual.
I built myself a throne
and tossed it off a cliff