Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Convictions of a Love Outlaw

She never offered anything more
than what beats were left in her heart
because they should be enough.
But for every man she offered to,
it wasn't quite enough. Every man
but one who denied her
with a mask of her past to protect her.
Her heart was all he wanted
but he didn't have nearly enough
beats to match her. How could he
take her love knowing he couldn't
give her even a fraction in return.
He knew that type of life intimately
and it was that cauterization
that put him in her eyes.
They both wanted a challenge.
They both wanted to feel
But he loved her so much
that he would never let her feel anything
like what he experienced.
He loved her enough
to stay away but leave pieces
of himself throughout her world
to keep her away
from guys like himself.

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