Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rebuilding Tragedies

This is me
Rebuilding tragedies 
Like sand castles undersea
Where no one sees me cry
Because the water's fine
And I never cared
Well not until the night 
Our love became black and white
And I was touched by the sight
Of shivering smiles
This is me
Alive in the back of minds
Alone in the crossing lights
That shake me down
And I never slept
Not until I felt your head
Lay heavy up against my chest
And I was so blind
To think you'd never want anything more
I made a perfect heart a bone
And broke it through the phone
I left a lonely girl alone
And never even told her why
Well it's just your luck
And it's just my luck
We had a perfect time and place but missed
And it's just our luck

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