Sunday, September 2, 2012

Crash Test

He never gave a fuck about the future and the fame
Or the sutures and the pain he obtains 
from walking with his heart and not his brain
He's insane in a way
Mentality waning away
If he changed he would break
He would fade like the day into the dark
So before you try to change him don't start
He's always home last
Climbing in his bed at
Half past the ass crack of dawn
Some brawn
More brains
More rage 
More caine
Young age in a casket
Because he never wrote a will to burn away all of his assets
And place them all inside an urn with his favorite ashes
Scattered into space
To be one with the vastness
This is how it goes in the depths of the fastness
Unless you wake up and call it all a crash test

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