Thursday, September 27, 2012

No More Secrets

Together we found love
And found our share of pain
We never wanted more
Than to be safe from our own rain
But in each other's arms
We created storms
And flooded all we wanted
So our prices were all paid
I made the choice to stay
You made the choice
To change the course and run away
And in the end I
Could never forget you
But as it is I
Will never miss you


You made the inevitable easy
And for that I thank you
But the dark that followed
Provokes me to hate you
But hate is so heavy
And I'm not so strong
But not quite as weak
As the tone in my songs
So I'll just be grateful
It could've been worse
I won't try to break you
That won't quench my thirst
What whiskey won't heal
Just might be forgotten
And you'll be a ghost
Despising your coffin


I was alive
In the black of her eyes
But I died every night
In the back of her mind
It wasn't right
All the secrets and lies
But I tried like you like
To be more than just a guy

Questions Unfair III

If we forgot about each other
And never said goodbye
Would you meet me every summer
In the middle of the sky at night
And dance
Like we didn't think the world was watching
And steal the hands off every clock to build a home
Burn the sands, destroy the hourglass
Beg the stars to watch us pass
And never be alone

The Air With Secrets

While everyone was busy
Forgetting about me
I was remembering them.
I fought myself;
My demons and bones.
I evolved my love
To eclipse the sun
And still went unnoticed
Like all of my phenomena
Were common ants;
Faulted by minuscule
Individual snapshots.
Old and faded by nights
That hated lights
And traded all of my love
For shallow ponds.

Twitteracotta Pie

Too often we are judged
by those we follow
instead of those we lead.
I may follow the ignorant
like I follow the dumb,
to learn from their mistakes
without having to make them.
I may follow the blind
like I follow the deaf,
to understand how they navigate
with their own strengths.
I may follow injustice
like I follow the justified,
to decipher the extremes
of balance and psychology.
I follow to learn the right
and wrong actions to take
so I can lead others better.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Questions Unfair II

Can we just remember
The way we wasted light
On long dark roads at night

Can we just remember
The passion from our drinking
The actions never thinking

Can we just remember
The nerves and sweaty palms
How we turned each other on

Can we just forget
The secrets and the lies
The hurt born of our eyes

Can we just forget
That night I stood you up
And all of our bad luck

Can we just forget
That night you broke down
Kissed and spoke aloud

Can we just be us
Let them be them
Care no more
And try again

Friday, September 7, 2012

No Angels for Cold Men

Am I all you see
When you say you want it all?
I may be bright
Enough to fill your world with light
But I'll burn out eventually
Even if I have to touch the sun.
I know there's no
Line we didn't cross,
Time considered lost
When we got drunk
And broke the night
Down to sweaty moans.
I felt at home
Between your bones
And then I made a point
To self destruct and fuck it up.
This I know.
But I can't fix it if I tried
In fact at times I tried
In the back of my own mind
To put every circumstance aside.
And so for you
I'll be a martyr to your heart
And keep it safe
From the demons that don't die;
Every demon of mine.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Another Moment of Sincerity

When I see rain
It's only water
And when I see pain
I own the blame.
I could make a beach
on the tears
I've made women cry.
I could make excuses
But I can't
Ever wonder why.

My love is a ghost
It haunts me every night.
My heart is a prick.
My liver's not alright.
My mind's full of tricks.
My eyes are out of sight.
My heroes are truant.
My fears are afluent.
My darks are too dark.
But I never wonder why.

Bomb the Facades

I'm a devil in a demon in a young man's bones
Begging for a haunted heart to leave me alone
My policies are probably my own damn fault
So I'll pile on the problems till my roots all rot
I'm mellow, melodramatic; a self loathed star.
I'm a love, lover, lover's dream; alone at the bar.
I'm a death made of debts to the depths of many women
Who I blessed with a hex of muddy drinks and sweaty linen
I'm alive I'm a lie I'm as shitty as a fly
I can dive I can die I can burn the back of eyes
I'm a scheme of wicked dreams
A gleam of distant beams
A seam that can't be seen
But I'm me

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rebuilding Tragedies

This is me
Rebuilding tragedies 
Like sand castles undersea
Where no one sees me cry
Because the water's fine
And I never cared
Well not until the night 
Our love became black and white
And I was touched by the sight
Of shivering smiles
This is me
Alive in the back of minds
Alone in the crossing lights
That shake me down
And I never slept
Not until I felt your head
Lay heavy up against my chest
And I was so blind
To think you'd never want anything more
I made a perfect heart a bone
And broke it through the phone
I left a lonely girl alone
And never even told her why
Well it's just your luck
And it's just my luck
We had a perfect time and place but missed
And it's just our luck

Eventually Never

One day you and I will have to talk
And I won't fall asleep
We just might walk those drives we made
We just might find some light that day
But until then you need to know
I've never felt so short
Behind your eyes
I never fell so short
Until you cried
One day you and I will need to speak
And I won't be so weak
We just might sleep this time
We just might find some peace that night
But until then, believe me
I've never known the way
To trust my truths
I never knew the way
Was inside you

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Own This Night

I know you loved me once
I almost loved you back
Maybe more than I'm willing to admit
Maybe more than I'm ready to forget
And so I'll drink tonight
Until your memories blend with mine
If love is out of control
Then ours was bound to explode
We never said it but we know what we felt
A bit of beauty in a frozen over hell
I took too long to kiss you
You made sure I'd always miss you
We kept quiet until
The train shook the headboard
And you made sure I'd always miss you
You almost loved me once
I would have loved you back
Maybe more than I'm ready to admit
Maybe more than I'm willing to forget

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Darkest Shadow in My Blood

The darkest shadow in my blood
forgot how love felt
as he wrote eulogies
for the old hearts;
burned down
his childhood home
hunting the demons
of his eyes
but always overlooked
that his eyes are demons.
Dreamt in a car crash
of whiskey and flames
since sorrows seem ever sorry
and sexy women buried him alive
so far down
that he found the devil's cellar
above him.

The darkest shadow in my blood
slept on broken glass
but couldn't sleep alone;
demolished the vastness
of his own happiness;
followed a savior
who never knew she placed him
in perfect madness
yet gave his pain

I met him once
on the floor
flirting with death
and an angel
to score a threesome.
He had fallen for three years
just to go somewhere.
He was a Van Gogh
of vices.

A New Beast

I don't trust myself anymore
Ive killed so many demons
But I can't save you from the ones that never die
There's poison in my love
And double shots of pain
Im a freak beneath the distance
When I'm sober I'm insane
Don't tell me to leave, to take a break
I can only vacate to a wasteland of vultures
And stained brown glass
What about love?
Well what about sleep?
Dream in an early grave
Or die in the street
And nothing is mine
Not fault
Not time
Not you
Maybe soon I'll see the sky
From my back forever
Or burn myself with shadows
And dare you to fuck with this new beast

Temptress Denied

I know you never knew
The floor would feel so cold
I'm the only one to let you go
Dismantle me
To break these hours
And change you now
And change your past
I'm tearing the skin off my chest
To show you I still have a heart
I buried you within
I'm sorry it's so dark
I buried you within 
You almost froze to death
Would it fit you well
To fall around in someone else

Crash Test

He never gave a fuck about the future and the fame
Or the sutures and the pain he obtains 
from walking with his heart and not his brain
He's insane in a way
Mentality waning away
If he changed he would break
He would fade like the day into the dark
So before you try to change him don't start
He's always home last
Climbing in his bed at
Half past the ass crack of dawn
Some brawn
More brains
More rage 
More caine
Young age in a casket
Because he never wrote a will to burn away all of his assets
And place them all inside an urn with his favorite ashes
Scattered into space
To be one with the vastness
This is how it goes in the depths of the fastness
Unless you wake up and call it all a crash test

Questions Unfair I

If my tears were lava and I breathed fire 
Would you still let me cry on your shoulder?
If I made sense out of emptiness
And sins out of empty fifths
Would you love me until you hurt me 
Or hurt me to make me love you more?
If I forgot all of my yesterdays
And hated tomorrows because they're too far away
Would you live with me within today?