Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Beach

She is a shore
and I am her breaker
protecting her moans
like wild pauses
of the sea by wind,
from the waves of filth
that threaten her beauty;
from behind a crowd
of oil scented skin.

She is a shore 
and I am her breaker
in tangible sight
but infinitely apart like two
negatively charged magnets;
if I move to her
she is pushed back,
if I keep moving
she will disappear
and I become a wall
boring, jagged, ignored,
eroding; I will disappear.

She is a shore
and I am her breaker
satiated to see her
but once, I wish,
I will challenge the world,
freeze the shallows,
disperse the crowd,
lift her tears back
and sit in her sand.

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