Saturday, June 9, 2012


I promise this is personal
You want a martyr and I'm your man
I never swore to be more
Than a one night stand
I'm the devil when I sin
But I'm a slave when I bend
So here's to whiskey
And a risky friday night
Where you wished we weren't so pissy
And we turned off every light
To hide the scars your choices wrote like songs
But secrets shown in streetlights turn my demons on
I'd blow my fucking brains out
If the colors matched your dress
And spill my guts a thousand times
If it'd help you get some rest
I lost myself between the seams of sweat we made
Let out your screams you're killing me in a good way
I'll only survive in the morning without you by my side
You thought we'd fuck and be together
Still you're not surprised
You want a piece of my mind
Reciting words I never meant to write
One night is the extent of my gravity
I never swore to be more than ordinary

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