Friday, June 29, 2012

Individuation (Ab Irato) I

I begin to lose hope in America
when a rainbow cookie
causes mass boycotting
They'd eat shit
if you stuck an American flag
printed cocktail umbrella in it.
They'd drink piss
if it came in a cheap, gold plated flask
with a crucifix on it
or if it was dispensed cold
into a toilet paper cone
from a holy gossip cooler.

I began to see hope in America
drowning in a sea of tapout shirts
that cover fake muscles, shrunken balls
tribal tattoos and homophobic shit-for-brains
buried underneath a hierarchy of whores
screaming YOLO because they skipped school,
smoked a bowl, tried anal, kissed a girl
stole money from their parents
and got arrested for giving head behind a convenient store.

I haven't had hope in America
since the people wished to erase
a decent president from history
not because of adultery or conspiracy
or lying under oath to the people who trusted him
but for being the whitest black man
to stand in the White House
just below Colin Powell, Seal and Will Smith
So I want those wishers to wish in one hand,
shit in the other, give themselves a nice golf clap
and do the Home Alone face.

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