Sunday, April 22, 2012

II Erametin Nacirema

Everyone seems depressed
by their limitations and repressed
insinuations with digressed
deliberation. Our leaders are
guilty of perpetration
steadily obsessed with the
fascination of the perfection
of a nation. But they neglect
those patient patients who
patiently wait in cold radiation
dealing with humiliation,
fighting their aggravations
and pacification in hopes that
one day they trade in their hate when
desperation and innovation
form a congregation of elation
and gratification. Intimidation lies
within this nation's reputation
of regulation and infatuation with
manifestations. There's a certain
desecration without provocation
of integration here and I don't mean
the Emancipation Proclamation.
Let me be clear. I mean graduations.
Because the whole American dream
is just a fat hallucination.

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