Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Day I Met Yoko

The cool of a Miami winter night
Lied underneath the streetlights
I followed trails of yard to a tent
And felt like meeting Mr. Kite

A galleria filled the walls inside
The art of Lennon's lasting mind
So simple yet so much to be said 
And then I heard a voice I liked

I turned and saw across the way
A unique woman I knew right away 
Her aura pulled me to her hips
The whole of me was weak as prey

I walked with her around the empty tent
Admiring her wisdom, voice and scent
We stopped and smiled to each other
For seconds that felt like minutes went

She stared in glow and grabbed my hand
And said she loved all of John's fans
I hugged her like a friend I love
And all I said was Thank You. 

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