Saturday, April 7, 2012

Corsets & Horror [Corrigo]

As it rains a trickled mess
Projections crash against the windshield
creating caution in my breath
as I swig to end a fifth.
I flipped the bottle past my ear,
it grabbed sweat along the way
as the green glass
shattered in the bed. The rattle
in the bed met the rattle in the cab
and they both went down
on the rattle in my head.
There's a bounty on my life,
I may have set myself
to help me try to stay alive
against my lonely enemies,
most prominent: myself.
So I ride around the city
looking for tail I've never had.
And I speak with deadly ease;
Be my lady for the night
though I know you're just a soiled dove.
And take me as I am
a cold-blooded, lying little fucker.
Pretend you love me
or at least the things I do to you
and scream my name
and beg for more
and pull me down
every second I'm inside of you.
I'm not lonely now
but in an hour, I'll be back to Jack
and Jameson too.
So for now I'll just park my truck
on the side of this
filthy, sweaty, bourbon intersection
to let you work
and make me happy to stay alive again.

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