Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sidetrack the Bullets

I question me I question you
Nobody seems to know the truth
Just stay away from the thoughts you carry
Stay away from everything you claim
This pressure builds of precious lights
You can call me anything you like
Just don't call me ordinary
Don't call me someone else's name

When we run from
Cover to cover
Lover to lover
Our skin still wet
Our hearts still sore
Sidetrack the bullets
Break the shore
Show me just what you're holding out for

Now take a look at what you've left
Nobody seems to know what's best
For us and all of the problems we've carried
All of the probable cause
This chasm builds of broken tongues
You can tell me anything you want
Justify the accidents you've buried
Just defy everyone you've lost

And run from
Lover to lover
Cover to cover
Your heart still wet
Your skin still sore
Sidetrack the bullets
Beg for more
Give in to what you're holding out for

Fall to me
Over and over
Shoulder to shoulder
Your face still wet
Your eyes still sore
Give back the bullets
Break the door
Let go of what you're holding out for

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