Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Kiss That Ruins You

Original Picture by Unknown

You've got to know, that I'll burn you down
After I build you miles above the ground
There ain't a single piece of my heart to save
So baby for your own good just run away

I don't fear the energetic tones, I fear the ones that cry
My tears may not be permanent but my sorrows never die
I learned the way that lovers do, of pleasure and of lies
I know the kiss that ruins you and why
It always coincides

I've got no shame, I like rhymes and rain
I love the way I look when I'm insane
I don't need a thrill, I don't need no drugs
The carcinogens on my tongue are enough

Don't give someone your heart if you can't even take the break
I know you want me, honey, but I'll be your worst mistake
I'll ravage your whole world and watch you stumble out the room
But don't cry and say I didn't tell the truth,
My kiss will ruin you

You ask why I'm here, if I'm so damn bad
And why I warned you when you never asked
You think it's a plan, but what you know
Ain't even half as bad as what you don't

I'm picky, I'm not cocky, I don't say this shit to boast
The ones that come back anyway, deserve my hell the most
I scream and write my words in blood, that's just what I do
But I promise by tomorrow you will too,
My kiss will ruin you

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