Sunday, March 4, 2012

For the Woman I Almost Loved

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I thought I purged you from my mind
And made amends with every plot
To force you into my arms.
I thought I cleansed my desires,
Like a deviant turned saint,
To build from my hands to your skin.
But I still see the corner
That first displayed you
With intense precision
Aimed between my eyes.
I still see the room we met in,
Older now; colder now.
I still have the jacket
That caused the slightest intimacy;
That begged you start a conversation.
I still regret the plan that worked
And gave me a chance,
Through luck and a fake marriage,
To make savior of my arms.
And I regret that night after the movies
That pulled you on and off your toes
Eyes closed, intensely relaxed
To fall and here I am now in love
Regretting not my current love
But that I stranded you
On a famines mountain top
In my jacket with thirsty lips.
My body's still shaking
My passion perpetual
My sorrows still sorry
And here I am asleep
And even in my dreams
You're still not mine.

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