Friday, February 24, 2012

The Tease

I gave my heart to many girls
Too many gave it back
It isn't true if I tell you
They didn't leave a crack
They broke me down like cigarettes
Forgotten in their pockets
And did their part, pulled out my heart
Laughing as they dropped it

Yes it's true
I seem to swallow pain
I laugh it off
Because it's all a game
I torture myself
Before each day is done
Because quick and painless
Is never fun

I gave my tears to avenues
And shady motel lights
Dug a ditch next to my bitch
So she could stay the night
Soiled doves danced from their hips
Our pockets intertwined
I begged my lord to give me more
Of that flesh of flesh and wine

I gave my trust to many lies
Too many to be named
I traded time for peace of mind
But my heroes never came
I bartered with some demons
And bedded with some more
Begged for thieves to give me keys
To open up my doors

Yes it's true
I fall in love with pain
Like open wounds
Long for the blood to rain
I torture myself
Before each fray is won
Because quick and painless
Is never fun

I gave my life to paper gods
Too many left for dead
Sold my soul for graves of gold
And blisters in my head
I gave away my pain five fold
There's vengeance in my lips
Blurred my eyes, said my goodbyes
And gave myself a kiss

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