Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dangerous are the Verses

Dangerous are the verses
Misconstrued by a fervent person
Uncertain but still asserted with fervid purpose
And every new version
Is either aversion or diversion
But still rooted in perversion
Yelling "TERRORIST!" at Persians
Calling Muslims insurgents
Using bombs as deterrents
Throwing pay-cuts at nurses
Stealing taxes from purses
Selling sick people hearses
Instead of giving insurance
Death comes naturally
It doesn't need any merchants
But that person with verses
Asserted with purpose
Has worked his whole life
Towards controlling the earth it's not perfect nor worth it
Because not every soul is available for purchase.
Not every mind will play along and rehearse this
Not every child feels like shit when he curses
Not every sinner sees life just as worthless as he does.

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