Friday, January 20, 2012

"Welcome to the Vanity Faire"

"Cold (But I'm Still Here)" "In a Red Dress and Alone"
"Feeling Sorry" but "Am I Wrong" for "Screaming"
in the "Vicinity of Obscenity" all of "The Quiet Things
No One Knows"? "Eclipsed" "On My Own" I "Quote"
the "Dark That Follows" "In My Time of Dying".
"You Fight Me", "Follow Me", "So Cold" and "Hopeless".
With "Simple Design" I'll be "Tilting the Hourglass"
in "A Forbidden Dance" "Hand in Hand with the Damned"
on "The Dark Wood of Error" "Beyond the Sacred Glass"
to a "Lullaby of the Crucified" until "Makeup Smeared Eyes" 
become "A Gilded Masquerade" of "Blood Sugar Sex Magic".
"And Now For The Final Illusion"
"I Didn't Say I was Powerful, I said I was a Wizard"
and "Those Who Slay Together, Stay Together"
with a "Bulletproof Love" and "Notes in Constellations" 

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