Monday, January 30, 2012

A Veteran of Love and War

I walk this world
By will of the gods.
I breathe and I fight because of them.
And yet they grow jealous
Not of my sword
Or the souls I've returned to them.
No, they envy my heart
For my love is fierce
My blood is pure
My time is short
And of these I am fully aware.
Just as they, I am no stranger to war
But unlike these spectators,
Who thrive on mortal pain,
I am no stranger to love and life.
The strings of my heart
Grow as patiently as the poppy
And when handled correctly
Inebriates all that it touches just as well.
So as it is I may walk,
I may breathe and I may fight
By will of the gods
But I live
I love and I die
Only by the will of my heart.

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