Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Eyes on Behalf of Tongues

Within the darkness and the silence
Your smile's been my only brightness
Just so you know, the chemical in me is you
I need you bad; its a passion and a science

Behind the motions of these penstrokes
Lies a meaning, heartful, simple.
I always knew I could say these words someday
You knew it too, I could see it in your dimples

These eyes see you
Inside of you

I know it seems like we're moving pretty fast
I know it feels like we're moving really fast
Just trust your heart. I'm your future not your past.
I'll be the first to love you right and make it last.

I thought I'd never capture
I thought I'd never see the sun
I thought I'd never have her
I thought I'd never be the one

I only thought never, but she showed me now
I only thought better, and she showed me how.

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