Monday, November 14, 2011

Lullaby to my Demise

Eternal I walk through love and death
With the words only I have spoken.
My pen is my shield, my ink is my courage
And with these defenses I walk eternal.

Eternal I stand with love and death
In the words only I have chosen.
My pen is my sword, my ink is fear
And with these weapons I stand eternal.

Eternal I rest in love and death
On the words only I have woven.
My pen is my cask, my ink is my grave
And in these creations I rest, eternal.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Life in Retro Colors

The tears of life will form the greyest blue
But screaming bleeds a darkly tinted red.
and laughter brings a vibrant green anew
so black can always model for the dead.

Now lighter suits are filled of all things good
and violets only follow after pain.
Our earth, though teal, is labeled brown as wood
and rainbows represent a clearing rain.

The orange and yellow shades are born of heat
but often take on fruity-pollen shapes.
Remainders rest on purgatory sheets
to fill the void of all things commonplaced

Yet in our lives we never stop to think
"No color can replace our favorite ink."

Speed Sonnet - Time: 4.5 minutes


Grounded, you are my gravity.

Hold onto me forever.  
Forever you keep me down,
Down in the scent of my own regrets. 
Make mark of the maniac
You name to be me. 
Make name of the addict
You marked on my sleeves. 

Your eyes on me forever. 
Forever they keep me down. 
Down in the sights of my own descent. 
Make song of the magic
You aim to be dead. 
Make aim of the tragedy
You sing to my lies. 

Grounded, forever
You are my gravity.

The Shell Man of the Renaissance

Good people of the city Sicily
I bring to you an offer should it tempt.
We walk, we ride but see what's next for thee
To fly and touch the skies, no bounds; exempt.

Imagine freedom. None like you have felt
Imagine life with eyes so new, uncovered.
Imagine changing cards that you were dealt
By reaching God and thus 
demanding others.

A feat as such would seem impossible
But is it so? If so, how could you say?
Ancestral ghosts speak to me all for goal
To show you people my new light of day.

So open eyed may you decree your loins
And follow me, less you forget your coin.

This is a speed sonnet. It was written in about 9 minutes and 30 seconds. It has not been revised in any way whatsoever.

Charlotte and the Priest

Regress to seasons unbenounced by man
And fall to glory with it's broken rings. 
The signs of promise beckon truant plans
That cause the caustic notes the vultures sing. 

With every step to right we're also wrong
So wrong, in fact, we fail to move ahead. 
The trials we possess are rough and long
And still we ride them on to meet the dead. 

The dead know us so well it seems surreal
With information we should only know. 
Repulsed by bad decisions they reveal
Our planned demises planned by our own vows. 

To go against the church defies their God
And so I'll sit here drunk and high and nod. 

This is a speed sonnet. It was written in about 5 minutes and 30 seconds. It has not been revised in any way whatsoever.

Friday, November 4, 2011

This Dark is That of Ours [Sonnet]

I once was more than what I am today
Alive but mad to live inside my woes.
I cursed the ballads formed of every fray
With you my love, my love I ever sowed.

I held a love who then held me abroad
And stuck within the shallows of her heart.
Our pieces fit like hollow points of gods
In terrored tunes like dismal drunken darts.

Unsheathed and red within our eyes we dance
Colliding nothing more than empty vows.
But still we deaf our ears to love enhanced
And resurrect our pasts to murder now.

But with each time of more comes also less
And so this night belongs to love progressed.

The Singularity of Love's Demise [Sonnet]

Our end was slow as evolution is
As we evolved to pave our different paths.
She ran to sun and lies the likes of his;
I laid in darkened rooms on broken glass.

And through my sorrow fate returned us, two,
On the day of your latest return.
We made a move together and you moved
Back to me as we left lovers burned.

But here your heart was stranger to us both
And I was in a darker now than past.
You left again and left me now to toast
To letting go and moving on at last.

Yet still you thicken hate and force a drown
Upon the lips I've loved, to keep me down.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The God of my Idolatry

A heart's amidst the breakers of it's doom
When unrequited passion yields a scene.
Outside of mental dillingers, it blooms.
This is the case of Amber Lynn and me.
Our quarry kisses masked our quarreled pasts,
Presenting eyes, of gray, that never fade.
These etchings burned upon our minds would last
Unlike our unforgiving lovelorn shades.
But skilled my hands could paint no better words
Than those that soft the ripening of day
Or tend the lore of love to be absurd.
I wish disclosure light and so I say,
Pronounced as faithfully as love may stream,
She is the God of my idolatry.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Veronika Kirsch: No the Tears Flow

I'm at a personal loss.
Standing in a puddle
in the rain of fallen leaves
with raindrops running through my veins.
Tearing down the workings built before me
but for me. The eyes of the ones
who once loved me
no longer toss tears to the ground
to let them fall and crash
in an orchestral shattering around me.
No the tears now flow.
They flow with purpose and urgency
from swollen lids and race silently down necks.
But tears are to me
what a dog whistle is to a puppy.
No one else hears the tears
and the broken fears within except me.
But blessed I can still ignore them.

Spoken of my Love [Sonnet]

I fly into her chilling azure frame
Like magic milking each and every cloud.
A wilting summer ray agrees, untamed
And clips the sighs we conjure up aloud.

We slide and slither flesh to flesh in bliss;
A high our bodies never will forget.
It's more than sharing tongues to form a kiss,
It's soul inception, tethered like a net.

I've never seen a woman quite so real
Who held a touch of passion never parting.
Her glowing moans I hear and see and feel
Can rival work of Venus and Astarte.

So nevermore I search the stars and ground
For she is all, the world I finally found.