Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dancing on the Everblades

I fear I have no faith
A problem I can't solve
A mental mirrored wraith
To wither and dissolve
I fear I have no faith.

I fear I have no heart
And love may never live
Inside these broken parts
A pain I'd never give
I fear I have no heart

I fear I have no death
To free me from a life
Unless I go beneath
The journey of a knife
I fear I have no death

I fear I have no soul
Inside this hollow frame
And I will turn to coal
Instead of ash from flame.
I fear I have no soul

I fear I have no cure
For each and every vice
And suicide's allure
Appeals to me so nice
I fear I have no cure.

Though fears I have are not
But rather things I know
Inside my mind they rot
And rust like metal snow
Forsaken, I fear not.

Veronika Kirsch: Signed With Love

Worry no longer my love.
Cut the strings binding your hands
And rip the cloth from over your eyes.
See me as I've always seen you.
I'll be here and ever near.
Kill the past mistakes you've made;
Burn them with the evidence
And we can paint over the walls
With your favourite colours.
I'll be here and ever clear.
Bury me six feet deep
Into your beautiful heart
With room to spare
And promise me
You'll be here, forever dear.

Veronika Kirsch: Of No Relation

Three years of
marriage for the masses
And it's come down
to this
I taught you
how to love
How to fly.
And inevitably
How to lie.
I did my teaching well
when I should've learned
To follow your heels
To whichever hell they graced
And glazed with glistening ice
From you frosted arteries.
But I promise you
If I cannot
be had and held
by you
Then no one
Can ever have me
To hold.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Six Six Sickly

I'll break you down
Like entering the atmosphere;
I'll break you down
Like drowning kings with heavy crowns,
For I'm the devil that most fear
and it's all about atmosfear.
I'll break you down

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Psalm From an Inebriated and Melancholic Man

Welcome to the wasted wasteland 
of a wasted wasteman.
Too many fucking W's.
I won't use another one.
I won't lose another one.
Fuck! Fail. As usual.
I'm walking 
on pills and needles 
needless to say.
Wiping the broken skin with
Jameson or Yukon,
because Ten High brought 
demons to fuck with me.
When my bottles stop bleeding
I lick my wounds.
Blood Alcohol Level.
That means 
drink your own blood
when you've left the devil dry.
Dig your own grave
when you let the devil drive.
and savor every second
when you hear that fucker cry!

Write a poem which tracks your self esteem. Note how it fluctuates, and try to pinpoint what affects it positively or negatively. Include things such as amount of sleep, nutrition, stress, goal setting, and recreational activities. As an alternative, write about what keeps you in balance.

Six Plus Seven

Am I just a seven
stuck inside of six?
Burning through hearts
like menthol cigarettes

Am I just a six
stuck behind seven?
Am I just a demon
stuck inside heaven?

For this special eleventh challenge on the eleventh day of

April 2011 write a poem about numbers that have a deep meaning to you. You may not use the number 11

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Stigmata Ceremonies [Pt.I]

Stigmata by Dave Nitsche

The Stigmata Ceremonies [Pt.I]

A toast! To saints below their flagrant sky
persuading beauty just to be destroyed.
They never toasted back; I wonder why.
Perhaps they never saw me through this void

A toast! To God above her burning sky
creating beauty just to be destroyed.
She never said a word; I wonder why.
Perhaps she never heard me through this void.

A toast! To Satan's overflowing sky
Seducing love to keep beauty destroyed.
He pulled me close; I shook and wondered why.
He serenaded hymns into my void.

"The rain is just forsaken prayers that die
And fall and crash like tears of hopeless cries."

Artwork Credit: This photo is called Stigmata and all copyrights belong to Davenit @ Deviantart.com 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

On the Beach of Lake Erie [Pt.V] - 8:43pm

On the sands of time I fell 
Witnessing a cadence 
Of lights, waves and wishes 
Harmonized by sunken pasts and 
Orchestrated by the tunes of the sky 
As the lake mimicked it in color-bound praise. 
Sediments savored the oils of my skin, 
Clinging unimpeachably as I arose 
Begging me to be their company 
For just a few minutes longer. 
And so I stayed,
Listening to smoke on the water. 

Some of the most beautiful poetry has been written about the natural world around us. Write a poem about the place you feel most at one with nature.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Veronika Kirsch: We Once Were

Sex Magick
Hands united in
Hatchback trunks under the sun
Embarking on voyages; trips of sweet symphonies to
French creeks and day's dams; The Hollow Mills.
Our passions mixed and blended
Like perfect puzzles
We never 

Challenge: Free-association word writing can help create poetry outside of your
usual realms (it also assists defeating writer’s block). Many words have
diverse meanings, allowing you to utilise them in various expressions.

Write a poem that includes at least six of these twelve words,
kept in their given context.

communication, integration, unite, blend, mix, jumble,
puzzle, games, board, embarking, voyage, trips.

My Pilot Left Before the Lights

Pen of choice, where have you gone?
I need you more than ever
Lights are out; the candle's on
Our time's to be together.
Typing fleeted far too fast.
Pen of choice, where are you now?
Every thought I have won't last
Not unless you write them down.

Challenge: Write a poem about something very familiar, that is suddenly gone!
This isn't a person, but a "thing" that had no obvious impact on your life.
You took its presence for granted until realising it wasn't there anymore.
Briefly describe this item, if you wish, but focus more on how you "feel".

Slaying the Sonnet

To write in iambic pentameter
Seemed nothing more than just a chore to me.
But as assigned I wrote without deter
And thought it blind to feel what it could be.

I slayed the starting four and couplet end
But for the other eight, I'd have to dive
So deep into my heart and soul and bend
My thoughts until they all were sharp as knives.

I killed myself to see how it would feel
Then scarred it into ashes for the sky.
Could turning tears to diamonds be so real?
I'd never know until I truly tried.

I slashed my love to pieces, this is true.
Then mended every wound I'd broken through.

Challenge:Write a poem about a Challenge that you or someone you know has overcome. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Vultures of Salvador Oasis

The vultures fly so high and such in poise
With tribal women dancing on their heads
and break apart in circles slaying noise
To feast upon the life they see as dead.

A dehydrated man falls to a knee
And slipping from his icy mental rod,
He fears demise is near and starts to plea
To broken ears of angels, earth and God.

The searing desert lake reveals it's eyes
Attacking with Apollo on each front.
It knows that if men fall the vultures rise
to spot the prey that only shadows hunt.

But Salvador Oasis shelters all
and causes every vulture's rise and fall.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Burn One: Verse One

Spillin my guts like a phillie blunt;
She cut me open but never filled me up.
Writin away pain on my zig zags
Just so I can smoke em out when I get sad. ♥
I'm gettin so high, But don't know why
I'm feelin so low, In my own sky
Flyin solo lost inside my own eyes
So dry 'cause I promised myself that I wont cry.
There aint enough money to buy away my work
Just like there aint enough liquor to drown away my hurt
There aint even enough bud for me to rise above
But I do it all anyway just to find some love
Or at least thats what I try to do
Realizin that my happiest was inside of you
and all my loathing is stuck inside of me
Buried six feet deep down tryna hide the truth.

Inspired by Wiz Khalifa.

Harlot's and Oak Trees

Standing in a violet sky with clouds that drip and dance around me
Miraculously breathing into a butterfly affected lake.
Naked trees beg for my attention to avoid sleeping alone tonight.
"I am sorry dear ladies, but I'm broke."
I ask them what they even see in a shell of a man like me.
They answered,
With a breeze so honest; incapable of stealing my smoky halos.
I turned my watch off because love, sex and sugar never tick

Challenge: Look outside of your window (or door) and observe for ten seconds. 
Write a poem about what you've witnessed that will draw readers into the
scene, visually and emotionally. Try to avoid "I saw", and similar phrases,
so that readers can
 feel what you did - as though they were present.
Be as descriptive and convincing as you can in ten lines or less.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lower Class Hero [Haiku Series]

I sailed to freedom
searching for a life of lux.
Washed f------ dishes.

I became the help
starting from the bottom like
a dirty c---roach.

Finished my first deal
so much blood but I got the
money and yayo.

Took out the hasas
buried those c---aroaches
and the world was mine.

I fell in love with
money, power, her, cocaine
in my blood-stained pool;

Challenge: Write a poem where you are the hero/heroine of your favourite fable, novel, movie or television show. Include depictions of your best qualities and depict your most triumphant moments. Remember to tell us what hero/heroine you are!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Veronika Kirsch: A Night in Bed with You is like Poetry

Don't rhyme
Yet they do. 
Your frame turns me on,
Tunes me in and drops me out into
A suite of surreal and sensuality of self
Smother me. Caress me down
In your sweet embrace
My one

Challenge: April 1st marks the beginning of National Poetry month. In honor of this we challenge you to write a love poem to poetry itself.