Friday, September 30, 2011

Genesis: A Vow

Our love will be bright.
Unconditional and undying.
A vibrant scene
of what two hearts look like
as they combine
in perfect harmony.
Myths will cry
jealously wanting
what we have.
And everytime it rains
we'll kiss
and keep our flame
thriving as beautifully
as it did our first time.

Genesis: The Fall [II]

The way I fell
for her was sweeter than snow.
Landing gingerly on her velveteen lips,
I melted and was pulled in
by the breezy strokes
of her drawing breath.
Each tug of wind sings to me:

     She loves to read my words
          She loves loves to read lips
     I love to write her curves
          I love to need her lips

The world shoots us second glances
and they call us dizzy lovers
because of the way our heads spin
every time we kiss.
But they don't understand
and they may never
without feeling us.
So I will write it
everywhere we go.

Hold Onto Your Hope (But Please Let Go of Me)

Its is the strand of hair you twist
to hold the weight of your burdens.

It is the fingernail you split
to keep your grip on a razor's edge.

It is the glue that flakes
keeping your torn paper heart together.

It is the thread you tie
to keep your seams from unraveling.

Its time you say goodbye
For it is I, but I not it.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

We Kissed on the Quarry in the Rain

The sound of your heels
gracefully landing
on lucky old stones
blends melodic
with the droplets
falling down plateau walls.

Your scent dances
back and forth
enveloping me
like a love shaped cloud;
an incomparable parabelle.

Our warmth entwines
as we create gentle friction
from your hands to my back;
your hips to my hands;
our cheeks to one another's.

The rain glistens
like emerald sparks
as each drop ricochets
off the river interrupting
     it's silent flow
just as our lips interrupt
     the pattern
of our nearly inebriated hearts
     each time they meet.

A myth became memory
and a poet became speechless.

Besitos; I'm Moving On

Your promises lie
in a graveyard of belief
I've stopped visiting.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One Second in Her Eyes

I love the way your eyes
say the world is still beautiful.
I can hear the sweet cerulean waves
making love to pale shorelines.
The moans of sand mixing
with the grunts of a fresh water lover.
There's something in the way
this northern sky walks about your skin
creating the most decadent shade
that makes me need you.
You're a constellation
of beauty above this city's dim glow
and you're mine without end.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bedroom Walls

These bedroom walls stayed
even as you left.
They've seen me, really seen me.
They've witnessed the immensity of my passion
and applauded in a surrounding standing ovation
at every word and performance
when no one else wanted to be my audience.
They've held me down humbled
when my ego was trying to fly me away.
They have scars from my anger and love
and never once did the hit back.
Of course, they could never
really do any of these things.
Or they could and I've lost
my fucking mind with a smile.

Your Beauty is Only Bested by Your Heart

My words are empty
cold, without a flame
to fill them with warmth.
So I hope you'll be my flame tonight.
Fill these words with your beauty.
Feel these words,
feel your beauty
as it resonates through my hand
when I place my fingers
between each of yours
with the precision of my heart.
And when you wake
there will be a pause in time
that I stopped
and wrote just for you.

Genesis: The Fall

I fell for her
gracefully as the feathers
hanging from her ears
whether she knew it or not;
whether I knew it or not.
She stared at my lips
hanging in the wind
of her soft breath
for my words to warm her.
But I had none
beautiful enough to interrupt
the silence and smiles we shared.
My hand in her hand.
My eyes in her eyes.
My heart in everything
and I meant everything.

Monday, September 26, 2011

A Pen for a Brush, A Page for a Canvas

With words I'll paint you
better than Van Gogh could ever dream to.
I'll tell the world of your silver lined skin
and the beautiful reflection
of setting lights drifting
from your morning sun tinted locks
to your blue chandelier eyes
that speak of dreams
like El Dorado and Atlantis
not merely existing, but being minutes away.
I'll render focus to your smile
shading dimples so delicate
perfecting each glint of night
dancing from your bangs to your teeth
and settling faint, upon the soft pink
gloss of the lips that speak my favorite words.
I'll entice the hearts of sulking men
when I describe the legs that sank ships
and went on to be followed wantonly for miles.
I'll line your curves with the matching
sensuality I found in each of your fingertips.
I'll make sure your scars look beautiful
as they always have to me.
But I won't sign it
until you're mine.

The Broken Hymn Before My Genesis

I pray you never die
From my thoughts
Like useless random facts.
You were always much more
Though your heart was your enemy
Followed by your lies.

I pray you never die
From my memories
Like repressed misfortunes.
You were always much more
Though your tears were your
Constant memento mori.

I pray you never die
From my heart
Like broken blood cells.
But I pray you fade away
Like I did in your thoughts
Victim to your vices.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Breaths Shared in Sequence

I couldn't love without you
The spark of romantic wisps
The way you shed your skin for me
So many vibrant memories
To be made as love
I believe in them
And they're all I want.
Let's do what's been done
Let's breathe
Each other in and out,
Lips sealed together,
In imperfect unison.

They Call it Sex, I Call it Passion

Wine on wine on sweat
we mix together
moving time and forming heat
to rise as we do
exposing our fears
in moans and slurs

Wine on wine on sheets
we stain each other
stroking time and lifting heat
to rise as we do
deserting our fears
for sighs and shouts

Wine on wine on songs
we harmonized together
halting time and losing heat
to fall as we do
releasing our fears
and embracing depth

I'll Wait For You

Time is lost for you.
My short time, so precious
less precious without you.
As well as I know you
want me, yours to replace him
and replace every other hope
you ever had. You play yourself
quietly. rather silently
as a string-less harp
and you expect me not
to see the empty space
between your fingers. I am
those empty spaces
you caress and play
in gorgeous silence, waiting
to be one with your heartstrings
and cleanse the bruises,
fill the holes and light a rhythm
we can fall together to.

A Man of Many Vices










Self Destruction

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Warmth in Cold Februaries

Will you ever save me
or are you too afraid
to fall for me one last time
to a bed we nearly shared
and should have, at least
for that one evening.
I fell for you years before
you gave me a chance
and let me down for nothing but lies
I've always been yours
even though you were never really mine.

Will you never save me
or are you coming tonight
to fall for me one last time
to a dream we can share
and should, for at least
long enough to build another.
I fell for you then; I'll fall for you now
if you give me a chance
and let me down in your heart.
I'll always be yours
even if it you don't want me to.


I grew so tired
from fighting my demons
that I befriended each one.
The devils that graze on my shoulders
told me not to
but they never stopped anything
from happening before.
I've broken faith.
I've broken bones.
I've sacrificed others.
I've sacrificed myself
no less than a thousand times
in no less than a thousand crimes.

If You Only Knew

You painted portraits in my mind.
Moments of bliss
with the brushstrokes of your hair.
Seconds of fear
with the spatter of your tongue.
Glimpses of light
with the gloss of your eyes
Timeless love stained
with the colors of your heart
just by looking at me
the only way you only can.
For once I was a muse
to indefinite beauty
and nothing felt better
than being afraid
to lose myself in you.
If only you could see
the portraits you've painted.

I Wrote This For You

It was real
when I loved you from the eyes
of my ex,
the force between us.

You felt
I was a god of words
and you loved me for being different.
I was completely different.

It was real
when I loved you
from my eyes
to yours.

A Broken Paris

My heart always tells me
No one new can stay

They come in
and view it first
They can touch
My open nerves
They can kiss
Me all alone
They can dream
To call me home

My heart always tells me
No one can ever stay
Unless they had a piece of me to begin with

For the Woman I Never Loved Enough

I'm unsure if your heart lied
My heart lied
I'm unsure if your heart rebelled against me
My heart rebelled against you
This room of once comfort is empty
My heart will cry
Even without the pain of your gorgeous chorus
Still, my heart would cry
Hurt me
My heart would break but beat in rhythm
With your tears
Even without the bitterness of your tongue
My heart cannot be held,
Like a songbird
In the sterling hands of absolution
In the steady hands of you
I refuse to break your skin
I am not afraid to hurt
I am only afraid to hurt

Friday, September 23, 2011

Lucid Love

This is my vice
This is my ender
But I am only dreaming
The sheer inebriation
Of your touch
Entices me to die
For loving you and death
But I am only dreaming
This is my vice
This is my ender
The bars are alive
We still have no time for change
But you know how to change
There is no healing left
If you felt this
You would cry and molt to me
But I am only dreaming
Of my vice
Of my ender
Of your razor
So the mirror
May indulge
In waking us
And carry us
You love me again
and now forever
But I am only dreaming

Eulogy for my Gorgeous Murderer

We were dancing, we were dancing
On and off of hearts
I to build your heaven
You to break apart

The moves are violent shuffles
The misery ensues
I bow to your stilettos
You cut my world in two

I cath myself from where you lied
Do not say misguided!
The hole in the wall you hear me through
Is a soul left unrequited

Begin the encore now
That you've done all this before
I'm kissing on this edge again
That you have loved me towards.

To My Future Ex-Wife

You had the best of me
You failed to love me
Don't repent
You dropped a torch on us
So many times
You would kiss me goodnight
With ashes on your tongue.
You had the best of me.
The lights go by
I curse my heart
The clock is crying so you run
Back to black again.
And all of your destruction
Is left inside my eyes.
You had the best of me.

The SPD Chronicles 1

Asleep, awake?
Approaching loss manifested
Asleep, awake?
So violently my body shakes
Paralyzed my faith is bested
Shadows wrapped around me, rested
Asleep, awake?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Diamond Woman

A broken man
A diamond woman
They collided in the bathroom
They conjoined in the bedroom
She threw her clothes
Into a pit of questions
She confided
He confided
They danced again
In the aromas of grace
She was flying alone
But in marvelous choice
He manifested to her
As a fool
She followed him
Out of an atmosphere
He wants for her all the time
But in the bathroom
He falls apart
He sings up and down the walls
Cursing James Whitcomb Riley
Saints put tactics on their door
Renegade angels
Expose them with truth
Finally they fall away 
To a frozen hallway
Of second chances

I Bent So Far For Love

I bent so far for love
I burned so many bridges,
My faith and broken brilliance 
My poems unfinished.

I longed to see return
For such a selfless act
And ever she would deny
With such a faceless tact. 

I whispered on my brilliance
I felt for one and none 
But silence was my blade
Which carved her of the sun

I gave my heart to nights
I gave my voice to vice
And where I didn't tether
Now I would entice

I fled the wishing wells
For the lonely and the drinks
And I myself consumed 
What was lethal to my ink

And women did my laundry
And vibrant hearts of slate
The poison of my brilliance
The jesters of my state

But no, she could not love me
With such a shattered lust
My mind beyond her own
My insecurities all just. 

I bent so far for love
I burned so many bridges,
My faith and broken brilliance 
My poems still unfinished.

Blessed, I Buried Her

Blessed I buried her
Blessed and hurtfully buried her hold
Buried her belongings
     In her dress of regret
Blessed I fell from her
Blessed and painfully fell from her arms
Fell from her eyes
In beauty and forces
     Fell to be freed
Blessed I buried her
Enticed by everyone
With everyone's acceptance 
On everyone's tongue
     Amid pointless silence
     Amid pointless praise
Fell from her fragrance 
     My heart wide
Fell from her lips
     With nights full of vice
Years of the past
Mix with years of tomorrow
Blessed I buried her
Blessed I cried
And never aren't we
     So dark and so fine 
That scriptures can't touch us
Except my own
     And all through my words
I dream with her legs
The dream isn't quick
     But long as my fall
And blessed I fall from her
     Blessed we burn
The memoirs of our loving
     And blessed we break

Monday, September 19, 2011

First We Sleep in Vegas

I banished me to a lifetime of shadows 
for burning to love the Queen of Spades. 
I'm running now, I'm running to break me in. 
First we sleep in Vegas, then we marry sins.

I'm distinguished by a red light in the basement. 
I'm distinguished by the etchings of your hands.
I'm distinguished by the caves and our grins.
First we sleep in Vegas, then we marry sins.

You touched me as a monster but now you're anxious I'm within.
You own the way to find me but you lack the proper lens.
How many hearts I gave for this, to help your life begin.
First we sleep in Vegas, then we marry sins.

You don't like my writing and you may well never.
You love the drugs and filth that keep us in.
You hate the mild doses if I'm pleasured.
First we sleep in Vegas, then we marry sins.

She's Like Summer

She's gone for good again
To oranges and bad hair.
White sand promises
Shining on the people
One mile in the gulf.
She imprints with haste.
She lives to burn
Everyone because she's burned.
I offered a love
To melt with her
And combine into
Solutions to dissolve her
Lifetime of pain and
Loneliness. We could've been
Great like gods
So praised in fortune.
Yet before we could start
Working ahead,
She kissed me away
And left me
In an empty mess
Like the one I became.
And I can't sleep
Because I'm in love
With the sun.

A Moment of Sincerity

His world never failed
To end vibrantly in intervals
Of shattered skin.
His heart always stayed
To absorb losses
But when he lost all he could
Lose his demons were trained
And obeyed his numb lip
Commands like minions.
They were told to destroy
Him and all his worries
And all his problems
And every heart
He may ever touch
Until life was an eggshell
He could finally break free of.
But the moment he felt his only
Sanctuary was a Hearst
He just broke his pain down
And rolled all it in a verse.

Colder Than You Look

I wrote a book
I spilled a thousand lines
All about you
I spelled your name in every one
You never looked
Ignored a thousand cries
All around you
They yelled your name in every one.

I was told by a poet
To keep my heart open
But she didn't know it
The day that she broke in
And left

To the Heart of my Songs

You knew me
I knew you
You left me
I let you

Friday, September 16, 2011

Coarse Lips from the Ground

I've never been in a flat coffin
but I've been on this same field
for a beer and a bucket so I
feel you can't and won't hear me.
You're a devil in a foolish reverie.
Yes, I've been to the slums you're in
where broken black ashes snow by and listen.
When you're blurred out of memories, the world laughs
and swings morbidness. Do not smite them.
Do not age the wine drenched barbers
who grasp onto the train of your dress.
They are only wined with pleasure.
Lay with me, let's weaken you.
What burning skin, your long eyes
are breached under the grey lungs of neon.
Let's dance on balanced minds,
Let's bend the bourbon sadness and falling mimes
over the vibrant noise of heat, pale focus
and the cries of statues, blood and dirt.
Let's run from everything, old and new
Let's sing inside out
to the wires of madness.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Put a Revolver on my Grave

I was a cowboy
of dirty traffic stops
and learned how to love
from single clerk corner stores
of overpriced desires
and half assed pleasure.

I was a cowboy
when my eyes were red
all the time, but never
from the lights that led me
like misguided north stars
of iminent release.

I was a cowboy
painting bodies and sheets
with stained glasses and heat
making children in bags
some of the time
but I was claustrophobic

I was a cowboy
faded and distorted by funhouse
mirrors and magic dust.
I was alone
even my heart left me
like I was legend.

I was a cowboy
out of place in the neon fed desert
playing russian roulette just to feel alive again
where the junkie, buried with a warm gun,
smiled for the thawing vultures 
one last time.

Sacred Heart Cemetery

No wall is too thick
No shield is too strong
No pain is too great
No love is too real
I bury hearts
feeding weeds that smell
like mourning roses
thirsty and begging
for my incandescent
Crosses never burned
my neck, they just
 looked down on me.

On the Beach of Lake Erie - 11:08 PM [Pt. VI]

The purest touch grabbed me
by the collar
and all is love.

I'm not allowed to be here
I told myself I'd never fall
inside of you again.
Not after the coldest winter
my heart ever survived.
But did it really survive
or is it dead
walking because I am.
I loved you as much
as a single shard could.
You wanted to start over
forgive me for my
and let me in again.

The purest love grabs me
by the collar
and all is dead.

October Nights and Muddy Drinks

Did she know I was the ace of hearts
who sent women into fragrent fits of bliss
and rage with the romantic power of an
axe serenading a high chair to pieces.

Did she know I was a greater phenomenon
than a glacier in the middle of Vienna;
and women were to me, what bamboo
is to the survivor left alone.

She saw the signs, yet there she was
spreading her wings across my sheets
until we were blood to blood, grinding
against the rules into piles of heated bone dust.

We grooved down rivers of sweat
and Balthazar watched her cry
the next morning.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Out of Love [In Collaboration with Glenn McCrary]

Thought I had a lot of luck
Shoulda known from the start
The second I gave my trust
It would all fall apart
Out of love
I'm all out of love.

You left me at the bottom
with problems I couldn't solve and
Movin on is hard but baby girl
Now I'm droppin
Out of love
Because I'm all out of love

I spent another evenin beggin for all the reasons
My world's a broken flame and my demons have demons.
I'm not believein everything that I'm seein
Though my eyes aren't deceivin me, she's really leavin
Summer's always followed by another cold season
Deceivin: I'm alive but only because I'm breathin
I think I'm weakened. I need another weekend
Drinkin and under thinkin the situation I'm leavin.
We had a good thing going and I took it all for granted
Blind and deaf to the concept I didn't understand it
Always cheating your emotions now alone I am stranded
Shedding tear after tear. To have you back I demand it

Thought I had a lot of luck
Shoulda known from the start
The second I gave my trust
It would all fall apart
Out of love
I'm all out of love

You left me at the bottom
with problems I couldn't solve and
Movin on is hard but baby girl
Now I'm droppin
Out of love
Because I'm all out of love

I have this burning desire to express to you how I'm feeling
Open my weary heart and allow it spiritual healing
To rid me of all the major grief that I'm dealing
Darling please pay attention to what it is I'm revealing
I fell for you like a plummit down from a summit
Nose divin into the lovin my heart wanted, when I
hit the ground you were already runnin
back to him like he's somethin and like I was only nothin
Baby, This is the part where I part with the parts 
Of my heart that you shredded and tossed into the dark 
Out of love
I'm all out of love

And I just want you to know
It was probably best for me
For you to go
Best for you to go

Thought I had a lot of luck
Shoulda known from the start
The second I gave my trust
It would all fall apart
Out of love
I'm all out of love.

You left me at the bottom
with problems I couldn't solve and
Movin on is hard but baby girl
Now I'm droppin
Out of love
Because I'm all out of love

Monday, September 5, 2011

Empty Room [Marvin's Room]

So here we go again now
We were happy for a little while
But now it's only disappeared smiles
And She's leaving again, wow -

My heads layin on the bar
In a pool of warm alcohol
Waiting here for you to call
I think I drank too far- 

And I am living with or with out you
But I'm not letting another one break through. 
Yeah I could be so good to any girl
But I would rather live here in a lonely world. 

I'm just thinking, women can't love me. 
Is it my fault? Did I earn this pain?
I'm just thinking, women can't love me.
And whether it's true this is what she taught me.

Shots of the Yukon
Splash a bit of lime in
Take 10 plus 2 on
And really put my time in

To find all of the pieces
Of my overflowing glass heart
That bitch is so deceiving
And once again I let the liquor start

Makin me look like a drunken fool
My body's strong but my whole heart is through
Makin me look like a fuckin fool
My heart is somewhere it will never make a move
not again

I'm just thinking, women can't love me. 
Is it my fault? Did I earn this pain?
I'm just thinking, women can't love me.
And whether it's true this is what she taught me.

I think I'm inflicted with dirty visions 
And wishin about decisions
That I almost made. 
To the point that I'm drownin inside a moment 
Where all my memories floated
I cant let them fade. 
And now I'm left here
I lost a good friend, and I can't believe it
Liquor to sulk in and smoke to relieve it. 
Stay on the phone I just need to repeat this
You tore my heart out now I am sleeveless. 
I gave you a chance
Again and again and you left
Left me with hardships I wish I'd forget
Forgetting is much harder than it is said
But I'm gone and living without a regret
I guess I should have known you'd never change 
I guess it's a good thing we weren't engaged

She could dance for hours in my head 
Without gettin winded
God damn how I miss it
I won't get into specifics
I need a real one.

Yet again

I'm just thinking, women can't love me. 
Is it my fault? Did I earn this pain?
I'm just thinking, women can't love me.
And whether it's true it's what she taught me.