Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lyrics Inked in Wine [Sonnet]

She wanted love and frames of our incline
And doors to pile memories behind.
She wanted change to share and sheets to bind
With fabled flames and lyrics inked in wine.

I wanted all our hope to blend, entwine
To break through locks with codes we couldn't find.
I wanted love we made complete and signed
With fabled flames and lyrics inked in wine.

Our heated touch adopted mountain pine
Foreshadowing the scene I came to find;
An empty bed of thoughts abruptly lined
With fabled flames and lyrics inked in wine.

She taught me love's a drunk and wicked wine
Of fabled claims and unforgiving lines.

Wet Sheets & Crossed Lines

She let her legs make decisions
And her vices do the talking
She let her mind play shy games
And her eyes run around me.

Her curves never lied.
I was weak in her
And never questioned bliss.

She flooded the flavors
Until my only taste was of hers.
And I loved every second of it.

She let her hips read me poems
And her thighs hold me close.
She let her heart beat with mine
And we never looked back.

Gloomy Sunday Mourning Journal

The rain crashed
White hot in front
Of my headlights like a visualizer
For the songs of my early Mourning.
She never told me
That she'd kill me
Where I stand inside of her
Heart and all of my pain
Would revolve around love
Dissolve around drugs
And involve a round slug.
I never asked to star
In my own rendition of
A Gloomy Sunday.
I kissed the flame goodnight.
Put it under
My overbite,
Winked and
The Lights.

Death's Assistants

Life is a balancing act. A tightrope walk
From skyscraper to skyscraper
With no restraints of safe measures other than
The ability to fall
And hold on with White hot knuckles.
Hanging by creases of skin
Slipping from bend to bend, joint to joint
Until nails crack from moral-gravitational pressure.
Fingers will slip one at a time
Like a tortuous countdown.
But just as zero breathes through, an eagle
Can dip by to catch a falling soul and lift it
Back on it's toes
Or a menacing hawk can end it all with a
Stab of it's talons.
The stab draws blood like a syrupy chalk outline
Any soul will follow down.
Yet there is nothing worse
Than the vulture who watches, magnificently
Undeterred by the thought
Let alone the sight of death, refusing
To do anything at all
But wait for bones.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Stranger to my Heart

She told me my tears were her favourite ink
And my pen shook with a pain that could inspire Poe.

She told me my eyes were her favourite lyrics
And my pen glared with a love that could whisk her from Riley.

She told me my fears were her favourite films
And my pen bled with a horror that could scare Romero.

She told me my lips were her favourite toys
And my pen flowed with a flame that could cremate Apollo.

She told me my cries were her favourite records
And my pen crawled with a darkness that could blot out Manson.

She told me my words were her favourite shelter
And my pen built with a faith that could outlast God's.

She told me my mind was her favourite tragedy
And my pen sang with self loathing that could resurrect Shakespeare.

She told me these things amongst hundreds of others
And my pen never told her how much I loved her
For my heart and I are strangers,
Sharing quarters and vices, but never sharing lovers.

Carnal Symphonies 2

I see you,
In you.
A depth defying

I breathe you,
Hale you.
A wind resisting

I find you,
Search you.
A scavenger in

I hurt you
Burn you
An arsonist of

Love Kills But Never Dies

My lovely broken hearted
Who loved me since we started
I don't care
If there's holes in your arms.
I'm sorry I disgraced you
I was only trying to save you.
I don't care
If you cause me harm
In the worst of ways.

I wonder
If she'd ever
Understand why I die in the day
And live my life in the dark.

Her dying eyes look
So stunning in the moonlight.
Her silver stitched skin
Blinds me like a ghost of glamoured gods.
And when the light hits
Just above her tongue ring
The severed feelings
Heal themselves with haste and relapse dreams.

I bled her into bottles
dumping tears like scarlet rain.
With teeth of pills I swallowed
just to get high off her pain.
I licked her lips of paling pink
like a cloudy sunrise
And whispered in her lonely ears
"Everybody here dies..."

My dreadfully departed
Follow me to the darkness
I don't care
If there's holes in your head
I will always embrace you
I could never replace you
I don't care
If you're alive or dead
As long as you're here.

I Laughed at You

I know you saw me.
And that you
Lie just like i do.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Ace of Hearts [Sonnet]

As far as recollection's eye can stray,
For me a woman's heart was ever near. 
My aim would rival Cupid's any day
Yet leave a woman strung out in her tears. 

My voice denies their skeptic-laden hands
Replacing them with rose enraptured dreams. 
My touch they never fully understand
Yet they unravel at their tightest seams. 

As love becomes enticingly profound
And moments of sincerity engage,
I carve their hearts without a single sound
and leave in search of others to enslave. 

But all it takes are eyes to set and start
My deadly game; I am the Ace of Hearts. 

Fluidity [Minimalism]


Dividing and 
Denying and 
Dying and 

Crash [Minimalism]

Tears creep from lies
Down rose tinted hills
Falling freely
Through the winds of cause

C        A
    R        S

Song of a Dying Rose [Sonnet]

The greatest scent to ever grace the nose.
The softest petals ever to be touched.
They came from I, the sweetest smelling rose
And I will always be considered such.

The clouds were loyal to me as my servants.
They fetched me drinks whenever I was parched.
My lover was the sun and we were fervent
Forever gracing lips until I arched.

But soon a frozen wind with flakes of ice
Reclaimed my love from me and bit my flesh.
My warm undying heart became my vice
As famine turned my petals into mesh.

And though my roots began to decompose
I still remained the sweetest smelling rose.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lonely as Lone Be

He falls into himself at night and buries all his pain
Underneath his silhouetted shallow broken veins.
He cries aloud without a tear, begging for the reasons
His world's a broken flame; even his demons have demons.

He'll write away what all he can but never satisfy.
He's in too deep and too far gone to ever purify.
So shed his skin once and for all, he does without a wince
And coined his world on walls in blood and hasn't cried once since.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


I dove into her gorgeous azure frame
Like magic milking each and every cloud.
A wilted summer ray agreed in shame
And clipped the sighs we conjured up aloud.

We slid and slithered flesh to flesh in bliss;
A high our bodies never could forget.
It's more than sharing tongues to form a kiss,
It's soul inception, tethered like a net.

I've never seen her, never felt her touch
Because a thousand miles taunt my feet.
But one day on the brink and in a clutch
I know that her and I will surely meet.

My love for her is distant as it's blind
But she's a cherished goddess in my mind

The City

Westbound of timid town the hipsters
were asleep all day in a pre party hibernation.
As the night blew the candle out,
the free spirits came out blending
on a live fast diet. I incited riots on every rue,
shaking rainbow cans that clank in hand and sprayed
"Love Free or Live Hard" on bare skin.
I bent heated glass into beautiful women and blurred
the borders of sensuality and Hell.
I watched buildings make love with flames as
souls sang of sweet santeria
and there was no heart for water. Ashes of pleasure poured
as the rubbled town steamed in pieces.
"Smolder and smolder, we're just getting older!"
The tribal scars of my demolition remained
through the rain as the city cried on her back, feeling hideous but wise.
And I consoled her.
"Your beauty stands out.
You are imperfect."

Saturday, August 13, 2011

La Saliendo

He crept down the soulless
southern strip,
teasing and pleasing
his own desolate desires.
The lustful binges
and Caddilac stenches
bled cold and winded
As warm wine ran thick and deep
winding from vein to vein.
He pushed from plane to plane.
"It's time to erase the facades
and change these faces!
No more hiding
under a lingerie veil.
You will be mine
and we'll both be nude.
He burned her walls
together in heat
with a tongued precision;
Painted every light red and
blew every door from it's hinges.
He spit and spattered the neons
with contrasting darks
and each and every pimp
got a new paint job.
He bagged the poles in pulmonary rows
and sprayed tears on every soiled dove to
remove the makeup
they so desperately sought
and left La Saliendo
Buildings exposed.
Beauty imperfect.

Monday, August 8, 2011


the wealthy
money is disease

the poor
pennies are devils

Roots the
Evil Around Me

Letters Sadly Penned in Blood [Double Sonnet]

I've written letters sadly penned in blood
And sealed them with the tears of sorrow's ruse.
The building blocks of life on parchment would,
In depth, explain my pain to my dear muse.
The days I've led in life were all in haste,
With clockwork styled poise and out of niche,
So much I breathed an air I couldn't taste
And fell in love, begirded by it's itch.

I've belted ballads sadly sung in blood
And burned them with the sounds of sorrow's ruse.
The wires of my voice on record would,
In depth, explain my breath to my dear muse.
The pleasure rang through me like silver chimes
Imbalanced by my fear of fading touch.
Collecting wind for songs of fabled rhymes,
I may have meddled many times too much.

I've crafted paintings sadly brushed in blood
And mixed them with the sights of sorrow's ruse.
The etchings of my hands on canvas would,
In depth, explain my death to my dear muse.
Self-destruction had become my bane.
The lord and hope had followed as a lie,
I lost my muse like fire to the rain.
My cornerstones had truly said goodbye.

My faith grew weak with tears as dry as scotch
As I became a man I couldn't watch.
So if my fervid flame sees me again
She'll frost upon my cold and hollow skin.