Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Carnal Symphonies 1

Tease the spine
Drink the wine

Pull down the ropes
Arouse the hopes

Shake the feathers
Break together

Whisk the skin
Swerve within

Bind the slot
Blind and hot
Find the spot
Dive and plot

Rise from the east
Quietly leave

Search for another

I always catch another


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Veronika Kirsch: A Handful of Nails

I fell in love with bitter tones
And every demon in her bones. 
She teased me with a fishhook smile
Reduced me to an ash fed pile
And then blew me away
Blew me away
Blew me away
With the slam of her tongue
And I knew that I'd won

She's a handful of nails
And oh,
She cuts me deeper
She's a handful of nails
But oh
She's such a keeper. 

To bleed is just to love through pain
Like tears of joy we're all insane
The problem always seems to sit
On top of broken skinless wrists
And she blew me away
Blew me away
Blew me away
With the stab of her lips
And I fell for her. 

She's a handful of nails
And oh,
She cuts me deeper
She's a handful of nails
But oh
She's such a keeper. 

She's a handful of razorblades
She's a hassle and I'm the haste. 
She's a handle and I'm the blade
She's a black hole and I'm the space
She's a sample and I'm the plate
She's a battle and I'm the fate
She's a rattle and I'm the snake. 
She's my lover I love and hate

She's such a good liar. 
And an even better lover
So I melt in her fire
And never want another. 

I fell in love with her rusty tips
And missile long legs that could sink ships
She slaps me with the jagged binds
And loves to kill me in her mind
So she blew me away
Blew me away
Blew me away
With the flick of her eyes
And I gripped her thighs

She's a handful of nails
But she's a keeper
And as long as I'm in hell
I'll always keep her
She's a handful of nails. 

Veronika Kirsch: Lost Angeles

She's leaving for a life
Of false love and glamour
In the middle of the night
She walked with a stammer 

Her beauty's to cold
For the one take sunsets
Her skin is too bold
To make something of it
But there she goes. 

She's waiting for sun in a cave. 
She will never be saved. 
Not by the skin on her face. 
Her beautiful face. 

She twirls in twisted shades,
Mauves and grays. 
Moves with grace. 
Oh, how she'd love a taste.

She's lost in the city
With nowhere to go
Los Angeles pretty
Much wilted her soul

Her heart is too true
To survive in evil
Her love just won't move
She knows she loves me still
So here I go

She's waiting for sun in cave
She will never be saved
Not unless I make my way
To her. 

Veronika Kirsch: Fancy Drinks and Handcuff Links

She wore her wine on her sleeve
Desperately seeking 
A partner with an acquired taste
For unfaithful fates
To handcuff to my king bed. 
But I'm still home
And neither one of them knows
That I'm watching
From the bathroom closely 
With me in one hand
And my machete in the other. 
Licking the blade
As she licks his skin all over.
Captivated by the dance
Of two entwined evils thrusting. 
My angel's halo 
Is rusting from their mixing sweat. 
He bends her down. 
She screams his name. 
And just before he's almost done
She turns 
Slits his throat
And I
Fall in love again
And we 
Had a new favorite drink
In Sex Fervent Blood. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Veronika Kirsch: Heliosanteria

Let's run around
And paint the world ahead
Your hair's on fire
And you love to stare
Our time's forgotten
Our legend's short
Our body's toss and turn
The sky inside out. 

Like a violin 
Played on the sun
I melt your heartstrings till they're stones
You would never
Come to and just realize everything we've done 
Can make a home 
built on the sun
Feel so cold. 

Let's fall in love
Until we hit the backdrop
We'll build a sky
Of pieces 
Of the bottles 
Of ourselves 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Veronika Kirsch: Queen of Spades

Lay back
Because she always runs the table. 
Her mouth has a dream
Of painting me paler
She lives
To burn through all the men who 
Met her
And left her
For best 
and better

Killing the pain
And killing me again
And she digs and digs and
Killing the pain
She's killing me again. 

Watch out
Because she likes to swing the shovel
Around like fans
Cheering her to do it. 
I fall 
To my knees and beg her
For more
And more
Fucking whore!

Killing my pain
And she's killing me again
And she digs and digs and
Under my skin
And over it in trends

She followed me 
for weeks 
after we broke up. 
my new routines. 
her misinterpreted 
delusions. She planned 
like parenthood. 
But completely forgot 
who I really was. 
She forgot 
that I needed a murderer 
just as bad as she 
needed a victim. 

And she digs
Deeper everyday 
To keep from etching tallies
After each losing fray. 
And she digs
Deeper everyday 
She's trouble with a shovel
In brilliant sweet and subtle ways. 

She dug
For hours just to put me
In her little locket heart
She slapped
The dirt above my grave
She yelled
You're on 
You're wrong
And now
You're gone!

Under my skin
And over again in trends
And she bears a grin and
Buried me in
Her heart again. 

I'm an Ace of Hearts
She's the Queen of Spades
And we love the colors of our days
When we kill all of our nightly shades. 

Veronika Kirsch: A Morbid Waltz in Fresh Angel Blood

We met
In a black ballroom
With my 
hands all over her dress. 

We danced
In a black bedroom
With my 
hands all over her chest

We killed
In a black back room
With my
Hands all over her neck

We laughed
In a black courtroom
As we 
both were sentenced to death

Friday, June 3, 2011

Veronika Kirsch: Ember Rain

I'll inhale you like smoke
Of a burning night. 
And mix you with my coke
Until we're both alike. 
I'll kiss you in the mud
until your voice is wet
As you fall into my blood
And the sun regrets 
Ever falling down alone behind the sea 
In shades of cooling heat. 

I'd serenade you all night long
If you would scream my name. 
And I'd never do you wrong
Even if you didn't do the same. 
I'm just an ember in your eyes
Around the firestone
But when the lights go out outside
I'm gonna walk you home. 

I'm not a star
But I know I'll brighten up your heart 
I'm not star
But I shine at night so far. 
Oh I shine at night so far. 
And you'll never see me if you never even look. 
Now there's nothing to do 
But want you until you want me back. 

I see your sadness in the sand
Standing bland and bleak
And I'm reaching for your hand
Because I just can't speak
You've got a hole inside you black
And burning deeper still
Even though I can't piece it back
I can help it heal. 

I'm not a star
But I know I'll brighten up your heart
I'm not a star
But I shine bright from afar
Oh I shine bright from afar
And I'll never let you find your way right back to black. 
Now there's nothing to do
But love you until you love me back. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Veronika Kirsch: Veils of Vegas Cry

Burn yourself and cry
You've finally lost it all
Sell yourself and buy
Your way back in the ball

You're learning how to sink
Like a hole in the ground
Full of quicksand and frowns
As you drown in the town 
You once thought you'd own. 

Veils of Vegas cry
"You've cut too deep to feel it!
You will never die
But suffer here repeated!"

You're learning how to hang
In the sun from a rope
Tied around your own throat
As you quote all the quotes
You once thought you wrote. 

Someday you'll flee
Looking for greener grass in the desert. 
And someday you'll see
Vegas ain't all it's cracked up to be. 

Veronika Kirsch: Vaudeville Voicemail

I visit your voicemail everyday
like it's my favorite 
midnight cabaret. 
I fall asleep in puddles 
of tear fed ashes 
prescription plastics 
and old shot glasses
serenaded by the hymns of heartbreak. 
They say,
please enjoy the music 
while your party is reached 
then all I hear are 
incoherent screams 
played to a beat
for 32 seconds 
and your voice so sweet 
comes on so sorry 
for missing my call 
and promises to get back 
to me as soon as you can. 
But I know better. 
I know it's not really you 
because you'd never 
apologize first. 

Ballad for a Southern Belle

If we fought again, you swore you'd leave
But you said that more than once. 
I loved you more than you would ever need.
You were more than all my wants. 
And I was so surprised 
That night in July 
When every star fell from the sky
And cried. 
I walked through the door 
To a note on the floor
And everything turned black and white. 

It said:

I can feel your love coming from a mile away
But I haven't felt nothin in a thousand days 
And I'll miss you
Oh baby I'll miss you

But I've been sitting here wishing for too damn long
I know I gotta move on and accept you're gone
But I'll miss you
I swear baby I'll miss you. 

And with a whiskey bottle and a carton half gone
And my tears in a puddle laying next to the phone
Each day goes on so slow
Because I don't wanna let go 

And each time I lied with my eyes wide shut
And a cold right side I just miss your touch
Each night goes by so slow
I don't think I can ever let go. 

I can feel your love coming from a mile away
But I haven't felt nothin in a thousand days 
And I miss you
Oh baby I miss you

Well I've been sitting here wishing for too damn long
I know I gotta move on and accept you're gone
But I miss you
I swear baby I miss you.