Monday, May 30, 2011

Veronika Kirsch: Umbrellas in Hell

I would burn out the light
If it meant you'd go away. 
I would tear down the night
If it meant you wouldn't stay. 

You've got so much nerve on you
But not a vein to save your life
So shut up, shoot up and just get out now
Shut up, shoot up and just get out
Quote all of these words, my love,
I only wish you nothing well. 

I promise I 
Will not hold up
Another one of your
Sadomasochistic backup plans. 
So run yourself
Back into the ground
As cold as your heartbeat
And turn to ashes for me. 

You've got so many feelings
But you can't feel a thing. 
Your arms are roadmaps 
Of the person that you used to be. 

So shut up, shoot up and just get out now
Shut up, shoot up and just get out
Quote all of these words, my love,
I only wish you nothing well. 
So shut up, shoot up and just get out now
Shut up, shoot up and just get out
Quote these fucking words, my love,
You're as useless as umbrellas in hell. 

The Macabre Serenades [Pt.IX]

A light flickers 
and swings oval-esque 
as a famished odalisque 
drools behind your neck. 
Her sandy amber nails 
graze your cheek languidly 
with a sandpaper coarseness
And a sadomasochistic intent. 
The lightbulb buzzes 
as a dim flame glow 
encompasses the room. 
You see the walls 
which contain you, 
taunting with their 
cadaverous sex appeal.
The scratched through walls
Are a rotting corpse grey with 
Wooden bones and brick organs
Exposed in patches. 
You see the bloodstained floor 
full of faces 
who've seen your fate before. 
They thirst for you by the liter
as she hungers. 
The slave licks your neck 
tasting your unmistakably 
frantic sweat. 
Your chills 
arrive and bead 
your wet 
naked flesh. 
Your stomachs growl 
like two Rottweilers psychologically fighting 
over a steak. 
The knave spins your chair and faces you 
glaring soullessly into your left eye. 
The light flickers out. 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Veronika Kirsch: Goose Down Friction

She stroked 
The feathers of a goose 
Down comforter
As I stroked 
The fleshed etchings of her
Vulnerable neck 
And bust. 
She lied
Naked with a glow on her 
Goose down mattress pad
As I lied
Across her, head to toe
With her legs
Wrapped around me. 
She bit
The cover of a goose
Down pillow
As I bit 
Her blushing soul
To pieces. 
She came
Like a goose
Down to the south
As I came, 
Both with stuttering moans
And phantasmagoric bliss. 
We melted
Into this goose
Down kingdom
As we returned
From the excitement 
Of judging angels. 

Veronika Kirsch: Blow

Let's kill the night
And build a sky
You'll feel my eyes
Walk down your thighs

Repent again
You're innocence
Breathes out and in
My toxic scent

It still lingers on your flesh today
Until you cut me it will never go away
I don't think that you should ever love me
I'm carcinogenic leaving hearts to decay. 

You love me sober
But I don't wanna grow older
I just wanna live as fast I can. 
You've got a lot of nerve, baby. 

She said "You're perfect when you're insecure."
But I can't even see myself now. 

Show me
Every fear that you have
Taste me like I'm an underage drink
Beat me until you feel like me
And burn me until I'm a phantom. 

Let's break our phones
A couple bones
And lose our breath in the heat. 
The world can watch and wonder how
We came to be so conceptual. 

These lines don't mean a thing. 
They never meant anything
Before you.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Veronika Kirsch: Fear Fetish

Love me love me
Little goddess in a dress
I just wanna be yours 
I don't wanna be blessed
And paint me paint me
Little artist of the flesh 
I just wanna be real
I don't wanna be death. 

This is where you run. 
This is where it starts. 
Slurring severed tongues
Of a match's spark. 
Haunted by the sun,
Taunted by the dark. 
I'd burn a cross into my heart
Just to show you that it won't fall apart.

Hurt me hurt me
Little devil in a cup
I just wanna make love
I don't wanna wake up
And build me build me
Little angel in the sand
I just wanna fall down
I don't wanna crash land. 

This is where you cry. 
This is where it starts. 
Severing slurring tongues
Of a machine gun's spark. 
Haunted by the sun,
Taunted by the dark. 
I burned a cross into my heart
Just to show you that it'd never fall apart. 

Burn me burn me
Little arson of the skin
I just wanna let go 
I don't wanna begin
And kill me kill me
Guillotine to our necks
I just wanna die now
I don't wanna be next

Veronika Kirsch: Naked Noir

I've been screaming at these doors
And Burning candles on the floor 
Drowning all my memories
In my favourite scent. 

My body's breaking to the ground
My wrists are crying without sound
Drowning all my feelings
In her favourite scent. 

Cigarette kisses 
From her cherry vodka lips
Caress my dreary universe
And soak my hands until they slip
Under her dress again. 

She's been leaving for a year
Connecting ghosts like dotted fears
Drowning all her memories
In her favourite scent

Her thoughts are breathing through the hurt
Buried in shallow frozen dirt
Drowning all her feelings
In my favourite scent. 

Cigarillo kisses
From my dirty whiskey lips
Caress her empty universe
And soak her hands until they slip
Into my pants again. 


Veronika Kirsch: Her Eyes

The red bolts dashing end to end
Form blush filtered maps
That burn me to the blood. 
Blades of lashing muffled flames
Syphon my soul ounce by ounce
Fueling bitter scar-driven conniptions. 
A war wages raging within each stuttered shutter
On a level lower than devils or that of Satan. 
Gasoline flirts from the cracks and crevasses
Dancing down symmetrical rosy plains
And torturously plummeting
Into a hellishly relished and scaled abyss. 
Shards of pain and betrayal sway
In synchronized pirouettes as
Broken plates thrashing in a storm 
Of unmistakeable regret for trust. 
The burgundy hazel haze glares
Through the fragile shell of my
Unrequited and flesh driven love. 
Though in seconds under minutes
The masterpiece I admired
As if gawking in a world class gallery 
Had vanished behind me blackening my past
And I was incarcerated eternally painted 
As a falsified psycho
Behind her shark-tooth bar held eyes. 

Veronika Kirsch: Cocaine Mane

Watch her 
As she jumps
Me for the ghosts 
Of harlequin euphorics. 
Pleasure in s bullet and aromas
Dripping from rhetorics. 
Measuring a room key
With a glint of mirrored,
Powdered warwicks 
Watch her as she
Jumps me gliding
Deep into her soul,

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Macabre Serenades [Pt.VIII]

Please don't fear
The words you fail to swallow
Bring them here
Or let them lead and follow
Proof is pain
And death is just a witness
It never rains
In a bloody sea that's shipless.

I'm not a god
But I learn from them all
It's the atmosphere
The pure shock and awe.

Dropping toasters
Into baths of blood
To warm the victims
Of my coldest crimes
And jumpstart the hearts
How the heartless king and queen do
ironing out of all the irony.

Chew glass chew glass
Too fast TOO FAST
You only die when I allow.

Here's a gun
With one shot
Make it count
But guess the catch...
You can't catch

Without fingertips
The singer sits
With a quirky smirk of joyless pleasure
As her bloody skin
Rusts within
Overwhelmed and forsaken.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Veteran of Love and War

My blackened eyes and purple blotchy face
Can tell the tale of fractured promises.
You fooled my heart when it was out of place
And lied as true as only honest is.

The flesh I wear is stained like shattered glass
In shades of roasted red and violent blue.
The power of your love would strike like brass
And drag me by my scalp down every rue.

My hair will grow; my blood will too return.
The broken skin will close before my eyes.
My mind will rise above your lyric burns
And never fall again to all your lies.

But scars you left will never leave my skin.
So I'll carve your name into my throat and grin;