Friday, March 25, 2011

Gothika: Honor & Horror

Gothika: Honor & Horror

Forcefully born of the occult into rags of filth
with a brumal ebony heart like love drizzled in frigid tar
and boreal blood, I was concocted as a cadaverous cannibal
from the cauldrons of the luminously forsaken.
They were never liars, just numinously mistaken.
This plume of human life blemishing the earth deserved to die,
and so I killed them with the carnalism they raised into me.
Now I stride silently, hand in hand with loneliness and infamy.
But I breathe honor, for these crimes of men 
were heroic deeds of nature and god.
Still, the banes of my being burn whispered lies 
of opulent covenants
into the hair of my neck.


Background created by me specifically for this poem. 
The title font is called "Draconian Typewriter". 
The text font is called "Aerofoil".

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Veronika Kirsch: Carcinogens and Love


Carcinogens and Love

With a symphony of broken skin
she left me languid in the road
as I fell into myself
kneeling with a voided glare
of somnambulism.
Mystic heated wine emblazoned
my sickle sucked flesh
like tears coating a harlot's cheek
just before she sleeps.
Loneliness is tyranny
that feeds off our fears
and infects the fragile fissures
of a heart sunken in sulk.


The picture used for this was taken at French Creek in Sheffield, Ohio on October 26th, 2007 by me. I edited it on photoshop using various techniques and effects (Blur, Film Grain, Burn, Masking) and used the font "KingjolA" for the title and "Hurricane" for the text which also has the same effects to blend it all and give it an aged horror film look. The poem is inspired by the model and photo. Model: Madison Colley.

Psyche Separation Anxiety

I don't burn

I know,
Never would I walk 
Valleys and shores
I drown to fear 
And life.
Blissfully fading
To fall.
Fall to, 
Fading blissfully.
Life and death
Fear to drown
I, alone. 
Shores and valleys
I would never know
I burn. 
Don't I?

Echoing Self Images [Pt.I] November 12-13, 2010

Reflection, 9:22pm

Face me now while you are strong
pretending that there's nothing wrong.
You're a tyrant's truth, a liar too,
an ever-changing silent ruse.
So fight me off till I'm amused
and I'll return to silence you.

Reflection, 3:19am 

Face me now while you are weak.
You selfish lying little freak.
You're a junkie for blood and lust and fame
You ruined this life I'm not to blame.
So play your games and sit in shame.
You're a devil with an angel's name. 

Mused by a Phoenix

The light was a lie as

he buried himself alive

at the high end of low.

But reborn of ashes with

death through defeat

he missed fortune

while pawning souls for success.

He'll pick you up to pull you down.

This poem is made up of Titles I came up with but never used. This particular set was inspired by Glenn McCrary.

Aqueous Non Aqueous

Three sunsets stare at me
losing their minds
laughing hysterically
at the follies of time.

I've been awake for an hour too late
and my eyes are starting to turn stale
In the wake of my dawning mistakes
I'm left burning in ale.

These old crows turn to stone
praying to the ravens
as they scold, raise and fold
waiting for their haven.

Three streetlights stare at me
moving entwined
crying unbearably
at the falling of time.

Its been a while since the last time I fell
black and blue ravaging my own chest
looking up as the cloudless sky failed
to help me rise from the west.

These old roads turn to mold
preying on the pavement.
Shades of gold, grey and rose
create this dismal incasement.

Sugar dreams and flower kisses for all.

Goodbye Never Lied

Lift me from this 
Frozen lake
Of past mistakes 
And take me onward
Every chance I had
To take,
I'd always wait 
Too long to hold her.
This just isn't me
Everything's killing me
I want you to really see 
Who I am without you.

June 6, 1626

Only Duke Christian 
of Brunswick-
Wolfenbüttel dies.

Taste Me, See Me

If I touch your heart, please don't move
I'm just a fancily folded paper ruse.
I have the will of a dead man
to crawl out of this grave
My ashes turn golden red and
I wrestle burning shame
Everyday I always seem to sink
deeper than you could ever reach.
Everyday I fight myself more than I blink.
I wish this life was just a revery.
Falling forth, stumbling through the pues,
finding God inside empty cases.
Pretty soon, I will rob myself
of every fucking day I wasted!
Money can't buy you will
and they both never grow on me.
Face to brick, as I fall asleep
licking my passion 
cause she's bitter sweet.
I've never felt any peace in them
I never saw myself right.
I couldn't climb from underneath the stem
I wouldn't halt my own demise.
Someone please shoot my head
from underneath this apple.
It fell too close to me under the tree.

How to be Human, Again

Hands on the stars
Feet on the ground
Eyes on the sun
Head in the clouds

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Veronika Kirsch: Love Like Gallows

When we met our hearts were burned out
piles of blood and staling ashes.
We were each other's brooms
and our mouths were dust pans
You swept me off my knees 
and swallowed me whole.

You were perfect as a sunset
with rain clouds crying in the distance
I'm a liar, of my own kind.
But the truth is you were... nevermind.

When you left my heart was burned down.
crying blood inhaling ashes.
You were my bedroom
your arms were black walls
and I'd crawl into your corner 
until you swallowed me whole

You were perfect as my soul-mate
with your mistakes dying in the distance.
I'm a liar, and I know why.
Because the truth is you were never mine.

When we met our hearts were tangled
Laughing, loving, feeling weightless.
We were our anchors
Your love was my sea.
You swept me in your current
and swallowed me whole.

You were perfect, as a rain cloud
with a sunset drowning in the distance.
I'm a liar, in my own mind.
But the truth is I was... nevermind.

When you left my heart was mangled
Learning, burning, feeling worthless.
I was a misprint.
You just couldn't see.
I lingered in your mouth
until you swallowed me whole.

I hang perfect, from my heartstrings
with my hope walking away in the distance.
I'm a liar, because the truth stings
But the truth is I was never fine.

Artwork By: ~skinpupcoss @

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Veronika Kirsch: Spiderwebs and Ashes

The sky was burning
from a stumbling sun.
But she told me it was
because of us
and I believed her.

We carried scars scorched
on our veins
from the aura of our horrors
mixed with sand and flame
in twisted tango Tanqueray.

The heat of our moments
caused fires to rise
as we fell in love.
But this time reapers watched
and rolled their tongues
and made us cold.

In the dark, shadows casted by
a harvest moon and murky sky
on the side of the mausoleum,
it was us, but we couldn't see them.
It wasn't long before they started to dance
to the tunes of our baleful romance
played by a string quartet of spiderwebs and ashes

I woke to her
laying next to me
with violet tint about her lips
in a shallow golden ditch.

She woke to me
laying next to her
with a violent grin about my eyes.
Digging, clawing, scratching at the sides to get to her.

I asked her If I dug my flesh down to the bone
on all my fingers, would she still hold my hand.
She said, "Only if you hold mine too.
Because I've already done what you will.

As she answered I broke through her plot
and clenched her like a fist.

In the dark, shadows casted by
a harvest moon and murky sky
on the side of the mausoleum,
it was us, but we couldn't see them.
It wasn't long before they started to dance
to the tunes of our baleful romance
played by a string quartet of spiderwebs and ashes.

We were lost, but we couldn't hide
from the life that left us blue inside
as we tried to become real
to preserve what we couldn't feel.
It wasn't long before our lips could meet
to the sounds of Death's greatest defeat
played by a string quartet of spiderwebs and ashes.

Sixes and Sevens

The devils underneath 
Are stuck inside our sheets
Underneath our sin

The gods of the above
Are stuck inside our love
Underneath our skin

The gods within our time
Are stuck inside our rhymes
Underneath our sin

The devils of the ground
Are stuck inside our sounds
Underneath our skin.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Leaving and Left Behind

The timing of our calling has taken us
Aback. I still watch you sing 
Every night 
In my mind.
You lulled my poison
To a state of sensual inebriation
And I still smell you on me.
But the side effects of loving you
Grew on me 
like a rancid fog
Of broken truths 
and five finger let downs.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Macabre Serenades [Pt.VII]

Decisions decisions
Incisions and visions
Of where to put you. 
I know the pain
The feeling of being
This ain't a game
And I ain't a saint. 

Call me a sinner
But I am the winner
So don't you forget. 
But I'd never do to you
Things I haven't 
Done to myself. 
Call me sadistic 
A classic sickness. 
No. I just see the world
Through the looking glass
With a film of red
Turning brown. 

Feel the physical 
Macabre breaking
Your bones. 
Your spirit. 
You hear it.
That's you all alone. 
So what's left to do here?

Here comes my table. 
The one from the fables
That I call historical

Blades and butane
Syringes and tubes
Carnivorous cleavers
Cadaverous baggage. 
I will free your mind. 
Acupuncture at it's finest. 
Delighted I'll see you shine
With a porcelain glow
Of burgundy dye. 

Fake it oh fake it
I'll make sure you take it
Pain on a Richter scale. 
Cocaine and aspirin injected 
To thin your blood 
And keep you 
Up, up, up from
Blacking out. 

This is minute one
And tonight
You're my ground zero. 
You may think it's torture
I call it a gift. 
A personal revolution. 

Carnival cookie cutters
I'm going to fuck another. 
So just relax. 
I'll be right back. 

The Macabre Serenades [Pt.VI]

I can only kill
The best in the world. 
I need another pair
Of hands to kill 
The rest of the world. 
So don't be scared.

You're free
To leave.
The exits down the hall
Because I know you don't
Believe in me at all. 

Just come 
With me
To one more dirty show
Because I know won't 
Be leaving me at all

After you see
My passion
My art
The spatter and pieces
The insides that part

The pictures
The movies
The satellite sex
The burning and swaying
And silver caress.

They're murders at worst
Yet so picture-esque
But masterpieces 
when I work at my best.

I'll teach you not to kill
But savor every flavor
Of sweat beads
Tear streams
Life pleads
And threats. 
Watch your victims cycle
And love every last breath 
They take for granted.

Fuck them.
Fuck them!
Fuck their minds!
And bury their sanity
With every thrust. 

It's something more
than a million screams
We'll stain the world
with each other's dreams

So what do you say?
Bitch are you coming my way?
Either run and say no
Or stab me and fuck me
And tell me you love me. 

I love you too...

The Macabre Serenades [Pt.V]

Wake up!

Hello dear
How did you like your nap time?
Oh, is your back fine?
I stopped the bleeding. 

Here's a gift for you
An opportunity. 
Written on the walls 
in your blood. 
"I love you"
One hundred times
On each wall. 
Now hear me. 
I know you. 
I know all about you. 
You don't hate at all. 
You're just like me
We love the sweet
Scent of suffering
So much that we
Use our victims tears
Just to wash the blood
We took from them
Off our teeth. 
Who am I you ask?
Well I'm the devil!
Nah, fuck that I'm Sam.
But I did fuck her twice
But I was never her man. 
So don't be jealous
I need you
To fulfill my plan 
To torture every motherfucker
In the world that stands. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Macabre Serenades [Pt.IV]

Wake up!

now your family's dead
and you can pray to god
but I'm real.
your mouth
I know you wonder why
but all you need
to know
is that I need
you alive.

Here's a dose
now baby get in my bag
and you wont see my trunk. 
I want you in my hand.

Wake up!

A slap.
Do you like how I greet you?
I'm pleased to meet you.
Do you like me?

I bet 
you're wondering why 
you're here in this 
stale slum home room 
bound to a rusted chair 
made out of lost dreams 
and shopping carts 
and why you have 
a few slits and a bit 
of blood 
draining into this bucket. 
It's because I think 
I might love you. 
I know we've never met 
until tonight 
but the way you 
snored through the slaughter, and I mean 
modern art masterpiece slaughter, 
of your entire family 
turns me on. 
you were meant for me. 
Now close your eyes 
and relax. 
I promise I'll wake you 
when I've finished writing my vows. 

[To be continued]

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Macabre Serenades [Pt.III]

I want to pull
Your hair
To your spine 
And watch you
Crawl away
And back inside
You'll never fall
From grace
If you're not high
And I will make sure
Your angels cry
And piss blood. 

If we're gonna fuck
With the cameras on
Then cut the lights off and on. 
Let's make a puddle. 
Let's make a movie. 
The lights
Off and on
And move with me
Like we're drowning in each other. 

I want to pull
Your halo
Down to your ankles
And thread your wrists 
Through the rusted bends
Crusted over from your reign. 
But hogtied and taped up
I am yours
And I implore you
To make me love. 

If we're gonna scream
With the cameras on
Then cut the lights off and on
Let's make a river. 
Let's make a documentary. 
The lights
Off and on
And gasp with me
Like our throats are smiling at each other. 
I want to pull
Your skin
And post it on your wall
Like an ink blot
And stare at it for days.
I want to get lost
Inside of a blank stare
And watch you swing
To the music 
that my heart can't make. 

If we're gonna die
With the cameras on
Then cut the lights off and on. 
Let's make an ocean. 
Let's make a blockbuster. 
The lights
Off and on
And lay still with me
Like we both are dying for each other. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Macabre Serenades [Pt.II]

Your red dress
was white before me
and my
reverence of
desecrated certainties.
Wash away the
dirt underneath
all of your nails
but one.

I love you
to let you down.

Mirror me
every little
corner of horror
every flicker of flame.

I watch your naked frame
pale as silver
dancing in a goblet
of brass and blood.
You crawl behind me
and kiss my neck.
A rough rope
tied around too tight,
it takes my breath.

Murder me
every little
cell in my body
every death in my name

Give me a fear, my love,
my perfect little devil.
Show me your dirty mind
and let me cut you
ear to ear
and lick you clean.
Say my name
and beg me
to push it through
as I pierce your heart strings
and drop them to your ankles.

Murder me! Mirror me!
Every little
cell in my horror
every flicker of name.

Mirror me! Murder Me!
Every little
corner of body
every death in my flame

I love you
to let you drown.

The Macabre Serenades [Pt.I]

I fear my dark side has become restless. I feel precautions must be taken to make sure that he doesn't make an appearance in the real world. If he were to expose himself not only would he scorch my name and bury my work, but he would burn down every bridge I've ever built. So how do I keep him appeased and quiet? The answer is by not silencing him. I must let him loose and free to speak at night. He is my personal werewolf. My Sword of Descartes. My balance. He is nocturnal by choice and force. I have compromised here by allowing him to take over at night. Johnnie sleeps at night from now on. No more insomnia. No more bad dreams and memories. Johnnie can have the reigns and fake the smiles all he wants during the day. But from midnight until I pass out in a glass of Southern Comfort and cum, I own this body. I hope the world finds my words much more beautiful than he does. I'll need the happiness of Johnnie and the fruits of his will in order to survive. And he knows it.